The Truth About Immigration

by Editor | May 4, 2014 2:18 am

THE TRUTH ABOUT IMMIGRATION – Few will contest the reality that Britain has become a country of multicultural diversity that is now deeply divided into ethnic communities.

The dream of a multicultural cohesive Britain appears lost in the wave of criminality, abuse of the benefits system and the ever increasing calls for British citizens to comply with foreign religious ideologies or face the threat of violence.

In a recently published BBC documentary it examines the issues of how the politicians took it upon themselves, without the consent of the voting public, to effectively remove border controls and allow Britain to be subjected to swathes of migrants; many of whom were intent on simply living a life of crime or on the backs of the British taxpaying public.

That of course is the darker side to immigration for it is also unquestionable that some migrants have brought skills and prosperity to Britain and as such immigration should not be feared but rather welcomed with open arms; or at least that’s the way the BBC has portray it.

Regardless of your views it must be acknowledged that immigration brings with it both positive benefits for Britain as well as a multitude of social issues.

One of the underlying questions often asked is whether we should demand an end to immigration but most often than not what is being called for is dialogue so that communities can effectively live and work together; it is clearly something that is failing to transpire across much of Britain.

Indeed this appears one of the key points in the documentary in that no sensible discussions have ever truly been attempted; is this due to a lack of will or rather fear of being labelled a racist or bigot as so often we appear subjected to?

The issues of immigration will continue to cause divisions until we can finally put aside the fear and finally address issues that affect all those living in the UK; a country that is suffering and will continue to do so until measured change is put into effect.

The BBC documentary above does address some of the issue but we feel it failed to delve deeper and at times appears to be little more than a public relations stunt for the Government.

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