Theresa May Vows Child Abuse Inquiry Will Take on the Establishment

by Editor | July 8, 2014 1:59 am

THE GUARDIAN – A soul-searching national inquiry into how authorities may have ignored systematic child abuse in some of Britain’s most eminent institutions was launched by the home secretary.

Theresa May told the Commons she was establishing a powerful public inquiry into how complaints of sexual abuse were treated, and sometimes ignored, in public bodies over several decades.

Ministers had been holding out against such a sweeping inquiry, but, facing charges of an establishment cover-up, succumbed and promised there would be no no-go areas for the investigation.

The inquiry will be able to examine the files of the security services and allegations that the Tory whips’ office in the 1970s may have suppressed allegations of child abuse by members of the parliamentary party. It is also expected to take some evidence from victims.

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