Theresa May Vows to Change Human Rights Act

THERESA MAY VOWS TO CHANGE HUMAN RIGHTS ACT – Are we about to see a light at the end of this tunnel of madness, we call the Human Rights Act?  Since Tony Blair created the Human Rights Act it has caused untold damage to the United Kingdom by allowing criminals to continuously appeal deportation, under Article 8 – ‘the right to Family life’.

Theresa May - Home Secretary

In a report Theresa May, the Home Secretary, has vowed to have the legislation changed in order to remove Article 8 and prevent criminals from costing the tax payer millions in legal aid fees and allowing the courts to deport criminals without delay.

At last we might be seeing some common sense from our MP’s.

Theresa May has long been fighting with Judges not to allow appeals under Article 8 however a Judge has to follow interpretation of the law laid down by Parliament so blaming the Judges, as Theresa May has done, is not the answer and she finally realize, after all this time and all the court cases, that the answer lies within changing the law.  Well done Theresa, we was wondering when you would finally figure out that one.

Now you might be thinking that would be the end of it… no more costly appeals by the criminals and we can finally throw out the garbage, but unfortunately there is yet another obstacle and that is within our EU Membership.

Yes once again, not only does the EU steal million in taxpayers’ money each year but it also heavily interferes with our laws.  So what part will the EU play if Article 8 is scrapped?  The answer to that lies in the un-elected European Court of Human Rights, as part of our membership, any criminal facing deportation will be allow to appeal to the ECHR, which once again will cost the taxpayer millions in court appeal costs.unelected European Court of Human Rights

It would be easy to blame this Government however the blame lies squarely with Tony Blair who introduced the Human Rights Act 1997 and the Borders Act 2007; which basically allows any criminal right of abode within the UK.

Now that Tony Blair is no longer in power, although I am doubtful as to the clarity of that statement, it is up to this Government to sort out the problems but unfortunately it is either taking them too long to figure out the failings or they are simply too inept to actually implement change.

There were in fact previous attempts to fix the issues with the Human Rights Act and the Border Act but these were not in the form of legislation but merely guidance for Judges to follow.  Again, our Judges are bound to follow, or interpret legislation, and therefore should not be held up as a sacrificial lamb for the failings of the Government.

The only real solution to this problem is to pull out of the EU or change our membership within it so that the EU cannot interfere with our laws.  Of course we have all heard that David Cameron has promised to give the people of Great Britain an EU Referendum if he is re-elected in 2015 – if this is not outright Blackmail then I don’t know what is.  If David Cameron had any sense of feeling for the British people or any type of moral fortitude he would issue a referendum before the UK is finally sunk under the weight of immigrants with the pending 2014 Right of Free Movement, which will see hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Romanians and Bulgarians flocking to the UK in order to live off our benefits system.

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