Thinking of a Holiday? 15 Customs You Should NOT Ignore

by Editor | April 26, 2014 7:11 am

THINKING OF A HOLIDAY? 15 CUSTOMS YOU SHOULD NOT IGNORE –It’s all about respect; that is if you are thinking about going on holiday to a foreign country you really ought to have the decency to swat up on a little local culture, for failing to do so could land you in an embarrassing situation or worse, in jail.

Quite a while back we published an article on the things you should know about Dubai before visiting the Emirate state.  Some of it is just pure common sense whilst other issues covered little known customs and laws that any foreign visitor should be aware of.

Certainly all countries have their own laws and customs, for instance ‘honking’ your horn in your hire care in New Zealand is extremely rude.

South East Asia has certainly some unusual things you shouldn’t do; for instance in Thailand it’s offensive to show the soles of your feet and in Singapore chewing gum is likely to get you arrested for it’s illegal in Singapore to purchase or bring chew gum into the country.

Yes, this all might seem a little strange but again if you are thinking about going on holiday to a foreign country then you should do a little research and of course the internet will provide you with all the information you need on your chosen destination.

Some customs and laws are vigorously upheld; again in Singapore chewing gum along with littering will land you in hot water.

As for Dubai if you’re going to hold hands with your partner then you had best be married for if you are not it’s classed as indecent; obviously homosexuality is not tolerated at all, so be careful.

Buzzfeed recently compiled a short video giving viewers 15 holiday tips on local customs around the world that certainly will prove useful to many people… here’s the video which lasts just 1.17s.

We’re sure you found the video useful and certainly quite a few other people have because it’s now been shared nearly 290,000 times but remember this is not a definitive guide so please do a little research so that your holiday is enjoyable and without cultural or legal incident.

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