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Thousands of iPhone Users Duped Over Spoof Waterproof Advertisement

Thousands of iPhone Users Duped Over Spoof Waterproof Advertisement

THOUSANDS OF IPHONE USERS DUPED OVER SPOOF WATERPROOF ADVERTISEMENT – Having a waterproof device, such as a wrist watch or camera, is a benefit to millions so when someone created a set of spoof advertisements announcing the new iOS7 turns your iPhone waterproof it really did delight thousands of iPhone users.

The fake Apple advertisement has certainly been doing the rounds across the internet and thousands of iPhone users have been convincingly duped into thinking that the new iOS7 system will in fact make your iPhone waterproof – this is of course pure fantasy and a fabrication of someone with a highly creative imagination.

Take a look at one of the advertisements below. Yes, they certainly do look like genuine Apple style advertisements; however they are not.

Waterproof iPhone Spoof Advertisement - image 1

According to officials at Apple the new iOS7 update provides its users with a number of benefits, including improved multitasking and camera functionality. However Apple stressed that the new iOS7 will NOT make your iPhone waterproof.

Apple is now worried after receiving a number of complaints from disgruntled customers after they upgraded to iOS7 and then tested its waterproofing capabilities; of course the results of submerging an iPhone under water did have a detrimental effect.

Waterproof iPhone Spoof Advertisement - image 2

The spoof advertisements first appeared on 4Chan but quickly spread across the other social networks and in the process deceived thousands of iPhone users.

According to the fake advertisement, the new iOS7 will detect any thermo-distribution changes and therefore if dropped in water will automatically such off the power supply to avoid damaging the battery or other sensitive components – again, this is completely untrue and anyone undertaking such a test will find their iPhones being rendered inoperable.

Some iPhone users however thought the new feature so noteworthy that they took to twitter and their other social networks in order to spread the word.  Whoever was responsible for such deception certainly achieved their goal; for not only did the fake advertisements go viral, they managed to get people to basically destroy their iPhones.

Waterproof iPhone Spoof Advertisement - image 3

Just to enforce this message to all iPhone users… the new iOS7 update will NOT make your iPhone waterproof and you should NOT under any circumstances submerge your iPhone in water.

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