Time to Bring Back Real Justice in the UK

TIME TO BRING BACK REAL JUSTICE IN THE UK – We British like to think of ourselves as a proud nation, the true Bulldog Spirit, if you like, or the Stiff Up Lip.  Quite frankly I’m ashamed of my nationality and I know I am not the only one.

I write on average five articles a day.  I start off by scouring the news sites looking for subjects that will peak my interest.  I can tell you it is sometimes an extremely heartbreaking and depressing job.  The old adage that no news sells like bad news is certainly a true one, but when it comes to the UK it’s a real grind to try and find something good to write about.

I am not going to try to convince anyone I am some sort or award winning journalist.  In fact I have had no formal training in journalism and I am sure many would consider my ramblings to be more than a little poorly written.  However, for me writing is my way of releasing my frustrations or lifting my spirit; on the rare occasion I have something nice to write about.

The point is that I simply, like millions of others, want to be heard – trust me, it has nothing to do with recognition; I have no desire to be famous, which is why I write under a pseudonym.

I have, on so many occasions written articles about the decline of society in the UK. We have, quite frankly, become a nation of animals.  Actually that’s not really fair to animals as all have a better social structure than us humans in the UK.

I am beginning to see why Muslims hate us so much, we have after all become a nation of violent and vile people with little or no interest in our fellow man.  What’s worse is that we point the finger at each other and we simply will not consider changing the system so that law and order can be properly reintroduced back into society.Bring back public flogging for criminals.

For those of you who can see just how degraded British society has become then the rest of this article will probably strike a chord.  As for the bleeding liberal hearts, nothing I will ever say is going to convince them that law and order needs radical change and in fact they will continue to be blinded by their own self belief that UK citizens are a gentle folk who are always willing to extend a helping hand to others.

In a recent survey of crime levels in the EU, the UK came out on first place for having the most violent society in the whole of Europe, with a massive 1,158,957 cases.  Now you might be thinking that doesn’t sound too bad but in second place was Austria with a mere 133,546 cases.  As the figures show, the UK is ten times more violent than any other EU country.  Are you still proud to be British?

Britian the most violent country in Europe - Table Showing the UK as No.1 most violent country in Europe.

Who is to blame for the escalating crime on our streets?  Ah, that would be the British people, because since the end of the Empire we have lost our spine, we’ve given in to the liberals who feel that every criminal is just a poor soul crying out for help.  Each murderer, rapist, mugger, thug and the list goes on, are just misunderstood and what they need is help, not punishment.

The British, what a bunch of losers we are – how have we let ourselves be duped by the liberal sect?  The trouble is the liberals always knew, and still do to this day, that the British have always had a sense of ‘Fair Play’ and so selling the idea that we should be an open and caring society, which doesn’t engage in persecution of others, was an easy sell.

Just look at the UK’s Immigration Policy and the Human Rights Act 1998, both are designed to allow people, from practically anywhere, to walk into the UK and rape the system and even those who are found guilty of crimes, some so heinous it leaves us totally bewildered, we can’t even deport them; and all because of the ‘Liberal’ movement, which has destroyed any chance of obtaining any real justice from crimes committed.

Where once the British were fighters of freedom and justice, we are now mere door mats and anyone can wipe the excrement from their shoes on us as they walk over us.

It is time to put an end to crime and bring back a system of justice that punishes those who engage in crime.  It is time to bring back both Corporal and Capital Punishment – neither is barbaric, it’s the criminals who are barbaric.

According to a recent article in the Daily Mail, some 40 Primary School Children, between the ages of 5 to 11 are expelled from their schools at a rate of 40 students per day.I believe there is nothing wrong in caning a child that is unruly.  It teaches respect for the rules and the rule of law. I also believe it would be much better to birch criminals publicly rather than filling up our prisons and letting them live the high-life of three meals a day with access to Sky TV.

Note that I said Public Birching – we have a rule of law that clearly states; “Justice must not only be done, it must be seen to be done.”  What’s wrong with setting up a marquee in each town whereby birching could take place and that any member of the public who wishes to see justice being handed out may do so?

When it comes to the most heinous of crimes, such as murder and rape, then why should the British public have to be subjected to these people being set free to roam the streets and commit more heinous acts upon innocent citizens?  It is time to bring back the death penalty and rid our society of these criminals.

The number of times I have read articles regarding Islamic justice is staggering. Ten years ago, when an article hit the newspapers of a criminal being publicly hanged in an Islamic country the British people would often voice their disdain  calling them animals, despicable nations with no soul and yet, as with the recent case of two Iranians being publicly hanged for violently mugging another citizen with a machete; the comments on many of the UK news websites was not that of disgust but of admiration for a system that does openly punish criminals – there were literally dozens of comments such as “The UK Justice System needs to take a leaf out of their book.”In front of a crowd of just over 300 onlookers the executioners lead them to the hangman's noose and a minute later both were dead.

There is no doubt in my mind that if the UK citizen had a choice, and they should under a democracy, then a referendum on both Corporal and Capital Punishment would see both being reinstated.

It is amusing at times when I see how many British people openly berate other countries and their ways of doing justice and yet with a little hindsight any British person would quickly realize that the UK system of justice is completely broken and pointing the figure at others to change their ways is such hypocrisy when our own system is clearly anything but perfect.

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