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Time to Put an End to Politicians on the Fiddle

Time to Put an End to Politicians on the Fiddle

TIME TO PUT AN END TO POLITICIANS ON THE FIDDLE – Once again Lord Hanningford, despite a recent two year conviction for fiddling his expenses, has been caught milking the public purse for all its worth by simply turning up to Parliament, checking in, claiming his £300 attendance allowance and walking right out.

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There are two things in life I cannot abide and that’s a liar and a thief.  My mother gave me two pieces of valuable advice when I was a boy which I have carried with me all my life.

The first is that if you scratch a liar you’ll inevitably find a thief and the second is that the only thing you can give and keep at the same time in this world is ‘your word’.

Lord Hanningford Caught Again Stealing Public Funds

I’m far from being a perfect human being but I try where possible to be compassionate towards those most in need but I refuse to let people take me for a ride.

There is nothing that makes me angrier then when I discover some politician stealing from the taxpayer.  After all, we taxpayers have a hard enough time as it is and it’s a fact that we are legislated by the Government to hand over a growing proportion of our earnings every month; of which it increasingly appears to be just to allow a few privileged individuals to steal it.

In my view no politician should be allowed to claim any form of expenses.  After all, if I have to take the train to work no politician is going to provide me with a travel allowance, let alone put me up in a plush hotel if I have to spend a night away from home.

All of my travel and work related expenses have to come out of my pocket, so why politicians shouldn’t be subjected to the same hardship as the rest of the taxpaying public is beyond me.

Look at the article published yesterday in which Nadine Dorries MP feels that she is more than entitled to the recent 11% pay rise awarded to MPs by the ISPA.  In fact Ms. Dorries had the audacity to state that she feels hard done because some head teachers and even doctors earn twice that of an MP.


MP Nadine Dorries Feels MPs are Underpaid Even with the Recent Pay Rise

There lies the problem, most of our politicians are so damned greedy that no matter how much they get it will never be enough and therefore go about stealing from the taxpayer with almost impunity.

We need and must put a stop to the on-going theft of public funds and the only way to achieve such would be a swift and decisive change in the law… I would propose:

Abolishing all form of expenses

If you can’t do the job you are paid to do then find another job; that’s what millions of ordinary working class taxpayer’s are required to do and the same should apply to politicians.

Make the theft of public funds an act of treason

The trouble with existing laws is they are far too lenient and those politicians who are caught with their sticky fingers in the till are almost laughing at the British justice system.

We already know that our prisons are overflowing; it’s the reason why so many criminals get off Scott free with a suspended sentence.

However, the punishment must fit the crime and those being found guilty of treason should face life imprisonment.

The only issue with this is that the taxpayer will be saddled with the cost of looking after those who have stolen from us and so I would propose immediate dismissal, the removal of any title and the stripping of all assets that are then transferred to the treasury.

It’s simple, you need to hit a thief where it hurts most and that is always going to be in the bank balance.


Currently our laws do not allow for a person to be punished; instead it focuses of rehabilitation and yet there are mountains of statistical data, including the increasing reoffending rate, which clearly shows such is ineffective.

We need to make the punishment of stealing from the taxpayer so financially damaging that no politician in their right mind would ever consider such a notion.

It would be nice to think that our politicians are noble, honest, trustworthy and above all work tirelessly for the public’s interest.

Unfortunately this is merely a fable banded around by politicians in order to appear such; when in fact it’s unlikely that you would find one single politician who has ever given their word and kept it.

As for being on the take… well let’s just say that with the current system of expense accounts being what it is, each of our politicians continues to fleece the taxpayer in any way they can and despite the recent astronomical pay rise, their level of greed will only rise in relation to their pay until the public finally demands a change in the law that actually punishes those who steal from us.

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  • mike

    The poor old age pensioner, who has paid his taxes all his working life will get, with luck, a pension increase of 1.5 per cent while his government get 11 per cent. seems hardly fair when they are giving millions away to foreign governments.