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Time to STOP Asylum Seekers Abusing the Taxpayer

Time to STOP Asylum Seekers Abusing the Taxpayer

TIME TO STOP ASYLUM SEEKERS FROM ABUSING THE TAXPAYER – £100,000 a day; that’s what asylum seekers and refugees, who have no legal right to remain in Britain, are costing the taxpayer.

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Meebal.com Reader says…

They come seeking refuge and asylum from oppressive regimes and yet thousands have no legitimate claim to either asylum or refugee status.

Despite the clear evidence these people are given so-called temporary payments and housing whilst they await legal deportation; something that often takes a year or more to process due to the suffocating Human Rights Act and the European Convention on Human Rights.

The latest statistics reveal that some 2,000 asylum seekers have received taxpayer support for more than a year and as we continue to stave off bankruptcy this situation is exasperating such efforts.

Since David Cameron sanctioned the unholy alliance in 2010 with Nick Clegg and his liberal progressive ideologies the taxpayer has been forced to hand over £100 million and this figure, if the situation is not brought under control, will continue to rise exponentially now that our borders are effectively unmanned.

It might appear incredible to anyone who works and pays taxes that their money is being used to support people who have no right to remain in the UK and yet they are entitled to such payments due to a little known payment system titled ‘Section 4 Support’; which provides cash for those who have no other means of supporting themselves. No wonder refugees view Britain as the land of milk and honey.

Considering it was the Labour Party who insisted Britain remove the doors from our borders some might find it more than a little offensive that a leading Labour MP, Frank Field, actually had the gumption to point the finger at the current coalition Government declaring that the present immigration policy was ‘madness on stilts’ going on further to say… ‘can you imagine the wall we could build around Britain for £100 million?’

Yes it appears some in the Labour Party have extremely short memories; others would accuse them of not having the ability to think at all; a notion that is probably not too far detached from the truth.

This issue here is that we have become far too liberal in our approach to refugees and it’s time the laws were changed so that once a decision has been made to deport them such an order should be carried out within 24 hours and none should be able to appeal in order to allow them to simply take a free ride on the backs of the hard work, austerity strapped, British taxpayer.

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Asylum Seekers Abusing the Taxpayer