Tony Blair Portrait: The True Face of Narcissism

by Editor | May 5, 2014 5:28 am

TONY BLAIR PORTRAIT: THE TRUE FACE OF NARCISSISM – Tony Blair has commission a new self portrait and one where he attempts to depict himself as just another working class taxpayer.

Tony Blair opted for the scruffy / casual look; maybe His narcissistic tendencies simply couldn’t handle the fact that he’s in his senior year’s with the days of his youth far behind him; yes so much to do and so little time to do it.

Certainly Mr. Blair has had a colourful career and one that is far from over; unless that is of course the Chilcot Inquiry, if it ever publishes the truth, would see him swinging from the gallows after a lengthy trial at The Hague.

For many the painting will be seen as just a painting with a scruffy looking portrait of Tony Blair but look a little closer and you will see a very disturbing picture emerge.

Cast your attention away from Tony Blair and focus it on the painting behind; for the picture in the background is a painting by war artist Ken Howard and it depicts a Northern Ireland scene during the reign of terror carried out by the IRA.

Tony Blair Portrait[1]

The famous painting, in which Tony Blair owns, is a Northern Ireland mural with the slogan ‘No Surrender’; it carries a Union flag and a crown but what is obscured by Tony Blair is an image of a small child with the words ‘War Child’ beneath it and the slogan; ‘Provies Rule OK’… a term often used for the Provisional IRA.

Why Mr. Blair purchased the painting back in 2003 for a little over £26,000 nobody yet knows but it hangs prominently in his Buckinghamshire home.

Maybe it’s a reminder of the peace that was achieved by the Good Friday Agreement in which is he was often lauded, along with Gerry Adams, as being the architects of peace… even today most people will ask at what price did we pay; that is did we simply allow known terrorists to go from murders to statesmen just to stop the violence and in the process protect them from prosecution?

There is little doubt in our view that Mr. Blair has had an illustrious career and continues to do so but at what price have we paid for his narcissism?

The issues on the legalities over the Iraqi war are far from over; in fact it has in many people’s eyes already been well and truly buried that effectively allows Mr. Blair to continue jet setting around the world earning vast sums of money whilst continuously calling on world leaders to invade Syria.

As for the portrait… it is in our view a disturbing insight but one with mixed messages; that being a martyr for peace whilst having the political might of being able to whitewash the decades of terrorism and cover up an illegal invasion of a sovereign nation.

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