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Tony Blair Warns of Terrorism Motivated by Religious Extremism

Tony Blair Warns of Terrorism Motivated by Religious Extremism

TONY BLAIR WARNS OF TERRORISM MOTIVATED BY RELIGIOUS EXTREMISM – Tony Blair, now there’s a name that conjures up a few images, none of them particularly endearing and many with the perception of a mass murderer who would put Hitler’s Nazi regime to shame.

We are of course referring to the war in Iraqi where some 500,000 (and counting) innocent men, women and children have lost their lives due to his part in sanctioning what is now largely viewed as an illegal incursion on a sovereign state.

Unfortunately the 500,000 already killed is only part of the equation for it doesn’t take into account the thousands of British and American troops that are seen as little more than victims of Tony Blair’s and George W. Bush’s war in Iraq; which incidently now sees a country rampant with terrorist related killings.

I don’t like to agree with Tony Blair but his statement that 21st century warfare is no longer about extreme political ideology but rather extreme religious ideology is without question perfectly correct.

However, Tony Blair, despite being given the job as UN Peace Envoy to the Middle East, continues to push for greater western military intervention and once fully suppressed, subject the conquered to western education in order to instil the ideology of religious tolerance.

We face turbulent times in regards to the rise of Islamic extremism with their remit of converting us to Islam, therefore subjecting us to Sharia Law or wiping us out altogether; the Islamic extremism mandate is clear… force us to change through fear or simply murder those who refuse to comply.

Tony Blair is convinced that an act of terrorism is simply perpetrated by those motivated by an abuse of religion.

That might well be the case in some quarters but listening to the likes of Anjem Choudary and the story is one of an illegal incursion onto Muslim land and according to all Islamic hate preachers there will be no peace until western forces are withdrawn.

Of course the motivation is religious but it’s also one of occupation and unless the west is willing to withdraw and allow them to run their country as they see fit then organisations such as the Taliban and Al Qaeda will continue to wage their war with terrorist related activities against the west.

The issue here is that if we do pull out our troops from Iraq and Afghanistan will the terrorism stop? The underlying issues with Afghanistan were to firstly remove the Taliban and secondly reduce opium production.

Despite David Cameron’s recent assertion that Afghanistan is viewed at a “Mission Accomplished” nothing further from the truth could truly exist for the Taliban haven’t been reduced in numbers and the production of opium last year was some 6,000 tons or double the previous year’s production.

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Quite frankly it’s offensive for Tony Blair to even discuss the issues of religion let alone deliver his version of tackling the issues of religious extremism for he is fully responsible for the rise in terrorist related activities in the UK.

It was Tony Blair who jumped into bed with George W. Bush and concocted evidence that Saddam Hussein was stockpiling Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs).

In a perverse twist, Tony Blair was also responsible for our inability to tackle terrorists and prevent them walking the streets with his creation of the Human Rights Act 1998.

If that didn’t make the situation worse, Tony Blair then proceed with creating the Borders Act 2004 which effectively removed barriers for criminals and most notably terrorists to enter the United Kingdom and carry out their atrocities.

Tony Blair is correct in his assumption that the phenomenon of religious extremism is growing, not abating.

The truth is that you can place two people with opposing religious extremist views in a room and neither will concede to the other’s ideology; however take the same scenario and arm them and it’s almost certain only one would leave the room alive.

There have been many people, including the vacuous statements by Tony Blair, who have stated that tolerance is the only way to combat terrorism but clearly tolerance has failed; the rise in religious extremism and its terror related acts are testament to this fact.

The solution could be segregation for we already know that the ideology of tolerance and community cohesion doesn’t work; in fact the UK already has a highly segregated community so such a suggestion shouldn’t be that unreasonable.

Maybe it’s time we learned to respect differing cultures and religions and allowed country’s to live, work and administrate justice as they see fit.

Of course such a notion requires a two-way street and therefore would require the deportation of every Muslim living in the west and the tearing down of every Mosque.

Is such a thought or ideology so unreasonable?  Considering that our culture and religion is deemed offensive, then sending these people to a country that fits in with their culture and religion should not be seen as such but rather as an act of compassion and peace so that we no longer have the issues of terrorism; of course this would also require that all western influence is removed from any Islamic country, along with our cultural and religious ideologies.

It all might appear to be a crackpot idea to some but there is strong evidence to suggest that we don’t live in a tolerant cohesive society and in order to promote peace maybe, just maybe, it’s time we shook hands and went our separate ways with the clear understanding that neither side will attempt to engage in any type of incursion or terrorist related activity against one another.

Of course we could move on as an intelligent species and finally acknowledge the ideology that a higher power exists is simply a ludicrous notion which will then allow mankind to finally ban an ideology that has been responsible for most wars, atrocities and human rights abuses throughout the centuries.

The question now remains as to whether we are willing to give up an ideology for the sake of peace or whether mankind will cling to Holy Scriptures in order to sanction the murder of innocent people.

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