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Top 10 News Articles 2013

Top 10 News Articles 2013

TOP 10 NEWS ARTICLES 2013 – It certainly has been a busy year here at  For an independent with one main writer, an editor and systems administration to turn out over 1,700 articles it is quite a challenge.

As we continue to grow, we are now experiencing an uptake on readers who wish to write for us; this we hope will continue to develop in order to bring our readers a wider perspective of the world around us and what’s being reported worldwide.

In this article list is what we consider our top 10 news articles for 2013; we could have made a much bigger list due to the number of profound articles that have touched us and our readers during 2013.

No.1 Royal Charter Regulating the Press

This was without question Britain’s darkest hour. With the stroke of a pen, David Cameron and his Government dismissed over 300 years of free press and initiated a Royal Charter that effectively stripped Britain of its right to be called a democracy.

One reader stated that Mr. Cameron, and those Ministers culpable, should have been tried for the crime of high treason.

No.2 Margaret Thatcher Dies

Despite the press reporting thousands of revelers celebrating Margaret Thatcher’s passing, causing fears that her funeral possession would be disrupted the British people, the British public, in the mainstream, held their decorum at the 11th hour giving respect to those who mourned her death.

No.3 Happy New Year 2013

2013 was greeted by tens of thousands of people in Central London.  With Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament as the backdrop with what was little more than a fireworks bonanza.

2013 was the year so many of us hoped would see the re-installment of our dignity, our pride and above all put the ‘Great’ back into Britain.

No.4 WestJet Christmas Video

With over 30 million views on YouTube it has to be said this was one of the best videos of the year.  Yes, we could also mention Gangnam Style but the WestJest video touched the hearts of millions in a way a music video never really could and goes to show that companies who make a little effort really can make Christmas a very special time.

No.5 The Boston Marathon Bombing

Once again we realised just how vulnerable we are to attack by those who simply have no respect for human life; no matter how innocent that life happens to be.

Again the American public, and indeed citizens around the world faced the stark realisation that there are those in our midst that would do us harm for an ideology that clearly has no place in a humanitarian society.

No.6 Terrorist Murder of Lee Rigby

The UK was left in complete shock and horror at the events that unfolded in Woolwich, London as two Islamic extremists ran over a British soldier and then took to mutilating his body in front of horrified onlookers.

As both have now been found guilty the UK and indeed the world awaits to hear their sentencing in early January 2014.  Once again the call for reinstating the death penalty has been heard.

No.7 An Act of Human Kindness

A New York police officer receives a commendation by the Mayor of New York after a passerby took a photograph of him helping a homeless person on the streets.

It was in the depths of winter and the police officer noticed that the man had no shoes. Without giving it much thought he entered a store, purchase some shoes and presented them to the man; it was indeed an act of human kindness we could all learn from.

No.8 Killing in the Name of Sport

It was an article that caused outrage around the world after TV presenter Melissa Bachman openly displayed her love for killing magnificent wild animals just for the sake of mounting their heads on her wall.

Whilst we kill for food the majority find it acceptable; we of course along with all other species hunt and kill for sustenance; but to kill for what some feel is an enjoyable sport can never be justified in the eyes of the masses and therefore it was little surprise that  Melissa Bachman was openly admonished by thousands.

No.9 Toddler Sings Alone with Elvis

It was a video that touched the hearts of millions as adorable Ella Mae is strapped into her baby seat and then delights views with her joyous cries of ‘Daddy’ before launching into a sing-along with Elvis.  This is a must watch.

No.10 The World Says Goodbye to Another Innocent Angel

The story of Katelyn Norman touched the hearts of millions of people around the world after being diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a rare form of cancer.

Due to her rapidly declining state of health Katelyn was unable to attend her High School Prom, students hundreds of well-wishers therefore took the decision to take the Prom to her.

Katelyn passed away just days later at just 14 years old and the world mourned for the loss of yet another innocent angel.


In this year we have published thousands of articles, some are main-stream but many have touched us in a way that it is nothing less than a profound impact on the way we view the world. remains a small team of writers with readers also submitting their thoughts and news; we are and remain an independent source of news which we consider a privilege to deliver.

As with most news sources we don’t always get it right, but that of course is nothing less than the human condition.

We will continue throughout 2014 and beyond to provide articles that will lift your spirits, leave you despondent and above all, inform you of the important issues we all face.

As we quickly approach 2014, our hopes are that mankind will reach out to one another in the effort to bring about greater understanding, appreciation and most of all respect in the effort to recognise and put aside our differences.

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Top 10 News Articles 2013