Tormented Orangutan Rescued by Charity Workers

TORMENTED ORANGUTAN RESCUED BY CHARITY WORKERS – I often wonder if there is any real humanity in the world.

We’ve created all manner of Human Rights laws and woes betide anyone who admonishes another culture for their despicable behaviour for this would be seen as nothing more than racism or bigotry.

Mankind wields the ultimate power on this planet and indeed during our rein we’ve managed to wipe out thousands of species; just to fuel our own greed.

If aliens of a superior intellect (and that wouldn’t be difficult) ever came to Earth they would most likely view mankind as the most destructive virus ever to have been created in the universe and would no doubt, if they intended to save Earth, attempt to wipe us out.

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There are times I sit and think that mankind is on the brink itself.  After all our economies are crumbling through our incessant greed and once the likes of Greece is mirrored in the rest of Europe and the U.S finally collapses it’s inevitable that man will turn against man.

It’s almost poetic justice and with a bit of luck for those who do survive they might, just might, finally understand that we are merely temporary custodians of this wonderful planet; however currently our legacy will be one of destruction and degradation.

One of our closet living relatives is the Orangutan and most people are fully aware that the Orangutan is being pushed to the edge of extinction; simply because we cannot control our own greed.

It’s bad enough to realise that we are allowing deforestation in certain countries, such as Indonesia and Borneo that increasingly puts pressure on the Orangutan’s habitat but to then openly torment the Orangutan’s is quite frankly a point of no return for humanity.

Picture this scene… I decide to buy a bulldozer.  I then pick a residential street that I personally feel would be great for a large industrial complex.

I don’t write letters informing the residence that I’m about to level their homes, I don’t even bother knocking on doors with the news.  No, instead I simply turn the key in the ignition and get to work.

Opps… Did I kill innocent children in the process of leveling the street for my own greed and material needs?  Oh I’m sure you’re not in the least bit offended for that nice new factory is going to produce all the wonderful materials you need to make your home more comfortable.

Whilst I’m at it I’m going to have some fun – maybe even make a few extra quid.  As the children come running and screaming out of their homes I’ll capture them and see if I can sell them as pets.  I might even stick a pole in the ground and tie them up and make them do tricks for the amusement of me and my friends; I’ll even deny them food and water – just to make the whole debacle more fun and interesting.

Of course if I attempted or indeed carried out such a thing then the police would swoop upon we and no doubt lock me up in some mental institution for the criminally insane.

You’re also thinking I’m a complete an utter bastard for every having considered such a thought and of course you would be right for such an atrocity should never be allowed to ensue – after all there can be no justification of such an act; regardless to anyone’s level of greed.

However that’s exactly the scenario happening in Indonesia and Borneo but instead of humans being killed and tormented it’s the Orangutan’s.

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Look into an Orangutan’s eyes and you’ll quickly see that you are looking at a mirror image of mankind; they are in fact our children and we as custodians of this planet have a moral obligation to protect the Orangutan’s and indeed all other species on this planet.

The scenario I just detailed happened just a few days ago.  Villagers in western Borneo captured a female Orangutan.

She was tied up with rope and taunted by the jeering crowds of villagers as she was mocked and made to perform tricks for their amusement.  The scene took place just after the bulldozers had leveled her home.

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In the process they also denied her food or water – all this of course was great fun for the villagers; it was a late afternoon and evening filled with entertainment… but not for the Orangutan.

There is an element of good news here and that is the Orangutan was rescued by charity workers but the real disheartening aspect is that it should never have been a necessity for charity workers to intervene – that is the villagers should have had the humanity to know that what they were doing to wrong on every level imaginable.

Tormented Orangutan Rescued by Charity Workers - Image 6Ignorance they say is bliss and therefore that makes mankind the most blissful species on the earth for we continue to allow atrocities like this because we are so wrapped up in our own self-worth and needs that we are willing to forsake all others providing we get what we want.

How bad is the plight of the Orangutan?  Considering that just 10 years ago Borneo had an Orangutan population of over 300,000 and today this figure is less than 55,000 – I would have to say that the Orangutan is now on the brink of becoming extinct due to our greed.

According to wildlife conservationists there are just 6,000 Orangutan remaining on the Indonesian Island of Sumatra.

If you are anything like me then you are either weeping right now or enraged with fury at the injustice and cruelty – maybe both.

You might also be feeling helpless and your anger is compelling you to try and find a way to put an end to their torment.  Yes, you may quickly come to the conclusion that there’s nothing you can do other than give money to a charity in order to help; but money is tight.

The result of your anger and condemnation will amount to nothing because you can’t afford to give and you, as an individual, are powerless to intervene.

Let me enlighten you to a little misconception…

You can in fact do an enormous amount in two ways:

Firstly you could provide a small donation; we’re looking at the price of a beer or loaf of bread; nothing that would break the bank.

Secondly you can make more people aware of the Orangutan’s plight simply by sharing this article across all of your social networks.  Yes such an act takes mere minutes and by doing so we can grow public support and apply pressure on our Governments and force a change.

You could of course do nothing and no doubt that nice piece of mahogany furniture you have was certainly worth the price of a few Orangutan’s being murdered, their babies being sold and of course others used as mere entertainment for the blissfully ignorant.

More on this story… Daily Mail

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  • excan1 .

    Yada yada yada–the person who wrote this article no doubt went home and stuffed his/her face with the flesh of another animal that also didnt want to die-so please dont preach to us until you have cleaned up your own house.

    • meebal

      Actually I’m a vegetarian.

      So quick to judge.