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Tory Party Accuse David Cameron of Being Completely Out of Touch

Tory Party Accuse David Cameron of Being Completely Out of Touch

TORY PARTY ACCUSE DAVID CAMERON OF BEING COMPLETELY OUT OF TOUCH – Yesterday David Cameron faced a backbench mutiny as Tory party members labelled him ‘absolutely out of touch’ after he refused to give Parliament a veto over EU law.

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Have members of the Tory Party only just acknowledged such a fact for we doubt very much that such is a revelation to the British public who have been saying the same thing for at least the past 2 years.

No less than 95 backbenchers are now demanding the right to say ‘No’ to EU legislation and yet David Cameron has dismissed such calls leaving many members, including those in Cabinet, feeling betrayed at handing over what could well be Britain’s sovereignty to Brussels if Britain is unable to curb the incessant legislation that moves to control every aspect of Government.

Could we see Mr. Cameron being shown the door of No.10 with party members advising him not to let it hit his backside on the way out?  It’s more than possible and maybe the sooner the better.

At the current rate of EU’s onslaught of control over British affairs it’s likely that by the next General Election it might as well be cancelled for a British Government who has no control over British affairs is obsolete and therefore surplus to requirements.

There can be no doubt that Mr. Cameron really doesn’t want to provide the voting public with an EU referendum.  Many feel the only reason he offered such was to regain public confidence and therefore support in the next General Election – looks like blackmail, smell like blackmail so what else could it possibly be?

It is little surprising that the Eurosceptics have reacted furiously and many feel that being ignored by the Prime Minister is nothing short of political suicide; ultimately resulting in him being asked to step down in order to save the last remnants of the Tory Party’s chances of re-election.

Mr. Cameron obviously fails to recognise that Britain isn’t twined with North Korea; that is Britain is supposed to be a democracy and therefore as nothing more than an employee of the public he must at all times bow to the majority will regardless of his personal views.

It is now expected that this situation will erupt once again on Wednesday as Chancellor George Osborne urges people to remain within a ‘reformed’ European Union.

Once again the delusional thinking from Mr. Cameron and Mr. Osborne is that somehow they will ride into Brussels and demand a complete rewrite of laws they feel are unacceptable.

Such a notion has clearly been dispelled by EU commissioners time and time again and you have to wonder how many times Mr. Cameron needs telling before he finally understands that the only way forward is to pull out.

Currently Mr. Cameron is fully aware that so deeply entrench is Britain into the EU legal system that any veto would be deemed illegal by the EU and therefore resulting in the British Government being taken to court and fined for breaching any of the mountains of contracts it has signed.


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One of the biggest issues facing the taxpayer is not just the amount of control the EU exerts over Britain’s affairs but how it now has almost unrestricted access to the Treasury in order to prop up what is little more than a failing dictatorship.

There are of course benefits of being a member of the European Union especially in the areas of trade but it is now crystal clear to many that the benefits are now significantly outweighed by the amount the EU is costing the taxpayer and the power it relentlessly pursues in order to fully control every aspect of Britain’s affairs.

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