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Tory Party Heading for a Leadership Change

Tory Party Heading for a Leadership Change

TORY PARTY HEADING FOR A LEADERSHIP CHANGE – Yesterday a survey from the influential website ConservativeHome revealed in a poll among Tory members that the Home Secretary Theresa May was the likely candidate to replace David Cameron as opposed to what others felt could be Boris Johnson’s next job.

Of the 800 Tories polled some 22.7% favoured Ms. May being the party’s next leader whereas 22.6% sill favoured Mr. Boris.

Such is the closeness of the result it’s practically impossible to tell them apart and there is no guarantee either will see the leader position for there is no denying there are others within the Conservative Party  who would also like to see their name being put forward; such as the Education Secretary Michael Gove or David Davis.

Yet again this could well indicate that ‘Call me Dave’ David Cameron is soon to be shown the door and to save itself from further embarrassment it’s likely to be the back door.

Theresa May - Home Secretary Boris Johnson - Portrait

The question now really should focus on the issue of not ‘who’ but ‘who cares’; after all public sentiment towards the Conservative Party and particularly Mr. Cameron  if falling quicker that than the European Union sinking under the weight of its own debt.

The idea of anyone wishing to take leadership of the Conservative Party is to ultimately sit in the coveted chair in the Prime Minister’s office, which is looking more unlikely as we approach the 2015 General Election.

Ask any taxpaying member of the public what they think of David Cameron and it’s likely you’ll be faced with a barrage of expletives for this is a man who attempted to appear as one of the people and then set about with his own political agenda severing the old boy’s network, keeping his chums employed and ultimately ignoring any public sentiment.

It may well transpire that a change in leadership is just the thing to stave off an embarrassing defeat in the next General Election but I venture that the public are going to demand that whoever is elected, from whichever political party they are affiliated too, listen to the people because they are clearly crying out for democracy in order to be heard.

Currently the electorate simply has the ability to vote in the next dictator and clearly they are tired of the lies and deceitful ways in which their votes are used.

It is long overdue that all politicians realised, and were firmly told, that they are mere employees of the taxpaying public and if the majority give an order it must be obeyed; not ignored or swept under the carpet simply because it doesn’t fit in with their ideologies or agenda.

In an ideal world we would like to consider that our politicians are professional, well-rounded, truthful, diligent and above all honest; unfortunately we don’t live in a utopia and therefore the opposite applies to almost every politician you care to meet.

On a personal note I feel Mr. Cameron has lost it and at times I wonder if he had it in the first place to lose.

On numerous occasions, as with any other politician, he’s been caught out lying, subverting the truth and wholly ignoring his employers and it is time he was removed to minimize the damage he’s managed to do to the image of the Conservative Party.

Who will take over?  That’s anyone’s guess and call me an old skeptic if you wish but I rather suspect whoever takes the chair will be little more than a shadow image of Mr. Cameron; that is a person delivering the same old rhetoric with a smattering of condescending acknowledgment of the public’s concerns which are then summarily ignored and treated with utter contempt.

If this doesn’t give you much enthusiasm to vote in the next General Election then take some heart in knowing the you can tar and feather both the Labour and Liberal Democrat Party with exactly the same brush such is the true nation of British politics in our liberal, progressive and modernised society.

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Tory Party Heading for a Leadership Change