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Turrets Syndrome Sufferer Carlos Guevara Gives Stunning Soulful Rendition of John Mayer’s Gravity on XFactor

Turrets Syndrome Sufferer Carlos Guevara Gives Stunning Soulful Rendition of John Mayer’s Gravity on XFactor

TURRETS SYNDROME SUFFERER CARLOS GUEVARA GIVES STUNNING SOULFUL RENDITION OF JOHN MAYER’S GRAVITY ON XFACTOR – Carlos Guevara has a dream of becoming the next big winner on the U.S XFactor and is determined not to let his suffering from Turrets Syndrome stand in his way.

According to Carlos singing helps him to control his neurological disorder; and boy can this 16 year old sing.

In front of the XFactor judges, including Mr. Nasty Simon Cowell himself, Carlos gives an incredible soulful rendition to John Mayer’s song ‘Gravity’.

I have to admit that ‘Gravity’ is one of my favourite songs and when Carlos announced his choice I was more than a little apprehensive as to whether he could pull it off and really make it his own.

Within the first few notes Carlos Guevara had me hooked and in fact I personally think his rendition of ‘Gravity’ was far superior to John Mayer’s original version; it was slower, far more vocal and extremely soulful.

Carlos Guevara Sings Gravity

Yes, Carlos even managed to put a smile on Simon Cowell’s face and it was perfectly clear that this young guy has talent and talent in abundance.

Turrets Syndrome is a neurological disorder that is characterised by involuntary movements and vocalisations, referred to commonly as ‘tics’.

The neurological disorder was first discovered by Dr. Georges Gilles de la Tourette, a pioneering French neurologist in 1885.

Currently an estimated 200,000 American suffers from the most severe form of the neurological disorder and approximately 1 in every 100 people suffers from milder symptoms of Turrets Syndrome.

As Simon Cowell rightly pointed out, Carlos might suffer from Turrets Syndrome but he is far from being a victim.

Once again the XFactor U.S comes up trumps after yet another highly talented individual walks on the stage and delights the audience.  I for one will be following Carlos Guevara with interest in the coming weeks.

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