Twitter: The Rise in Offensive Tweets

by Editor | May 8, 2014 7:01 am

TWITTER: THE RISE IN OFFENSIVE TWEETS – The history of the internet is as diverse as the people who use it and it is unquestionable that the internet is many things to many people.

For many advocates of free speech the internet quickly became an open forum that allowed anyone with an opinion to freely express themselves and that in our view is democracy being played out on a global scale at its best.

However, there is no denying that diversity has a tendency to generate adversity and this fact has never been more prevalent after the birth of the social networks.

In order to freely express the opinions of the masses we started out with blogging which even today remains one of the purest forms of being able to fully express an open opinion or ideology in the hope that it in some way helps us to understand one another just a little better.

Whilst blogging remains a significant force on the internet it has been subjected to the onslaught of micro-blogging; that is small snippets of information that only provides a clearly narrow opinion; we are of course referring to the likes of Twitter and Facebook where millions of people take to expressing themselves in short and abbreviated sentences.

The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, once famously published a tweet after being continuously ridiculed over his policies; he wrote… “Too many tweets make a twat.”

It was a tweet that caused offense around the Twittersphere and the backlash was without question often cruel and offensive.

I, like millions of other people, have a Twitter and Facebook account; however unlike millions of others I refrain from regaling people of my sexual prowess or other nonsense such as what I ate for lunch.

For me Twitter and Facebook are merely tools to promote the articles publishes and beyond that I see no value in either for they often lack any real substance and do not allow concise discussion which then often leads to a number of offensive posts being produced on a minute by minute basis.

Since the birth of Facebook and Twitter numerous celebrities have taken to posting almost every detail of their waking lives and yet complain when some of their so-called fans admonish them with offensive remarks.

Today in the news is the possible break up of Katie Price’s marriage to Kieran Hayler, which is little more than a year old.  Instead of keeping his alleged affair private, Katie Price took immediately to Twitter and informed her 1.8 million fans that he’s been cheating on her.

Way too much information… in our view you’d have to be excessively narcissistic in order to believe that the world really cared that much about every minute detail of your life, including the colour of your knickers.

Why?… yes why must we be subjected to it and who in their right mind would follow Katie Price on Twitter waiting in baited breath for yet another round of stupidity which then allows them to openly attack her.

Take a look at the videos below and you will see just how much abuse some celebrities receive on a daily basis.

Granted some of the tweets celebrities receive are fairly amusing; even if they are meant to cause offense.  Certainly celebrities often merely dismiss such tweets but there are occasions where tweets go too far and inevitably provoke a reaction; a reaction that often subjects the celebrity to even more abuse and ultimately makes them look somewhat stupid.

As a blogger, and a prolific one at that, I’ve been subjected to some pretty nasty comments. My views are at times perceived as being more than a little controversial but in my view it’s my job to discuss issues that most mainstream news websites refuse to address and often because it is not politically correct to do so.

Regardless of what some people might think, I do not despise the media in general but I do think it has become fearful to open debate.  Recently I viewed a video with Pat Condell who openly called the mainstream media and society, cowards. He certainly has a point and Pat is one of those true bastions of free speech which in our view should be applauded regardless of whether you agree with his assumptions or not.

The underlying reason I don’t like Twitter in particular is because it doesn’t provide any form of sensible debate. Take this article for instance… how on earth could I possibly squeeze all of this into just 140 characters?

As for the garbage people tweet; well it’s little surprising in my book why David Cameron thinks that excessive tweeting produces a twat for it can never truly relate all the relevant information and it is increasingly being used by some, namely the celebrities, to feed their narcissism.

In my view everyone has the democratic right to air their opinions but surely it would be far more conducive to the population if the entire picture was available instead of merely a snippet that ultimately leaves people frustrated and therefore resorting to offensive remarks.

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