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Petition: Ban Halal Slaughter of Animals in Britain

Support our petition to ban Halal slaughter in Britain. The practice of slaughtering animals for religious purposes is both draconian and barbaric and it is only ‘religious sensitivity’ from our politicians that has prevent Halal meat from being banned.

Petition to Call on David Cameron to Sack Culture Secretary Maria Miller

Sack Culture Secretary Maria Miller – This petition is to call upon the Prime Minister, David Cameron, to dismissed Maria Miller over her mortgage expenses scandal.

EU Moves to End Net Neutrality

The EU is now making moves, through a new directive, that would effectively quash net neutrality. Net neutrality covers three core principles which allows the internet to remain free and open. Destroying net neutrality will deny you your democratic rights to access free and open information. Don’t let this happen.

Petition: Ban Islam in Britain

Petition to ban Islam in Britain. It’s time for peace and the only way to achieve peace is to remove ideologies that promote murder. Here we call for support on banning Islam in Britain.

Petition: Should the BBC Lose its Royal Charter?

Should the BBC lose it’s Royal Charter so that it can no longer force TV viewers into paying a licence fee? If you feel this is the case then sign our petition.

American Deported for Having Cancer

American Deported for Having Cancer… yes the headline is correct and in our view questions the UK’s humanity; or least the humanity of those in Government.

Twitter Valued at £7 Billion in Wake of IPO

It is reported that Twitter is likely to float on the U.S Stock Exchange later this year with an estimated £7 Billion valuation.

TWITTER VALUED AT £7 BILLION IN WAKE OF IPO – It is reported that Twitter is likely to float on the U.S Stock Exchange later this year with an estimated £7 Billion valuation.

I’m perplexed to see how and who comes up with these valuations.  In a recent article, on – Twitter – How Many Twits Make Up Twitter? I failed to see the true usefulness of Twitter.

In fact the article goes on to berate the use of such a meaningless service with messages of less than 140 characters that is making more and more of its users look like morons rather than experts on a particular subject.

For me, Twitter is a waste of time and effort, unless used for business purposes but even then one has to be extremely careful on how it is used.

It was recently reported in the news how Donald Trump set about belittling Lord Sugar and I have to say this makes Donald Trump a real Twitter Twit in my view.

How can a successful and extremely wealthy businessman undertake such trivial and petty bating?  Does Donald not realize what a total and utter moron this makes him look?  It does, of course, take two to Tango and Lord Sugar’s responses were nothing more than childish – Donald and Alan – you really ought to be ashamed of yourselves!

Donald Trump set about belittling Lord Sugar and I have to say this makes Donald Trump a real Twitter Twit in my view.

I suppose if you are looking for publicity, and you are rich and famous, then simply put together a few idiotic tweets and hey presto you get a few more views and comments back.

Here’s a message for Donald Trump, Lord Sugar and all the other twitter morons out there –

“Better to keep your mouth shut and be presumed a fool, than open it and remove doubt.”

With that aside, is Twitter really worth £7 Billion?  I guess with a reported user base exceeding 500 million then surely it has some worth, but will this end up being yet another disappointment in Internet Stock?  Facebook on the day of opening took a severe beating and maybe if Twitter does float then investor might be far more skeptical and stand back to wait for the dust to settle before buying into the company.

As for me, I won’t be buying into Twitter, any more than I did with Facebook.  While I can see the usefulness to some aspects of their operations the rest of it is simply garbage.

It’s just another forum that allows people to spout off about absolutely nothing and to bait or torment others – this is not something I consider a worthy investment and those who engage in such practices, such as Donald Trump are obviously sad little individuals who clearly do not have the intelligence to engage in an educated debate or simply have little else to do with their sad little lives.

£7 Billion? I’ll wait and see but I strongly suspect people will realize that Twitter is nothing more than a fad that will maybe last another 5 years before people finally wake up and realize its true face value – I even suspect Facebook could go the same way in the next 5 years.

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