UK Crime Figures Growing at Alarming Rate

UK CRIME FIGURES GROWING AT ALARMING RATE – It is with a heavy heart that I think that most UK citizens would not be at all surprised or even shocked at the news that crime in the UK is growing at an alarming rate.

It will come as no surprise that UK crime figures continue to grow at an alarming rate. With the relentless march of foreign immigrants, a failing prison system and a system that does not punish criminals this figure is growing beyond any control.

The UK is officially the most crime ridden country in all of Europe and the number of crimes, especially violent crimes, continues to grow unabated.


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As you will see from the articles above, this is not the first time I have written about the rising crime in Britain.  What is really disturbing is that this article, as with the others, will certainly not be the last as crime figures continue to soar in the UK.

According to reports some 100,000 criminals, that were convicted last year, had already accumulated over 15 crimes a piece – and that was before they were finally sent to prison.

Does prison work?  It would appear not when you look at the published figures which show that a large proportion re-offend which is a clear indication that prison is no deterrent.

Is it any real surprise that prison is not a deterrent?  Look at the state of our prisons.  Often you hear of over-crowding, which is no surprise when you look at the rising crime rate, but what is disturbing is that many a nothing more that 3 or 4 star hotels, with three square meals a day, Satellite TV and a host of other amenities, some of which even hard working, honest taxpayers could not afford.


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While many people would shy away from the fact that a good deal of our crime is committed by foreign immigrants, for fear of being labelled a racist, here at I am allowed to air my views, providing they are factual.


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From the article above, you can clearly see that of the 16 most wanted criminals in the UK, each and every one of them is a foreign immigrant.  On that evidence alone can anyone please tell me if A) Is it time we closed the doors and started kicking them out and; B) Am I being racist?

Despite the very real fact that it is no longer safe to walk the streets, day or night, the Government, due to the Liberals, still fail to take measures in order to reduce the crime rate in the UK and once again bring law and order to our streets; where the average citizen has little fear.

I am forced to repeat myself… it is time the British public made a stance and forced the UK Government into providing a referendum with the remit of reintroducing both Corporal and Capital punishment.

While we often berate countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iran and other such countries for their methods of punishment, for those convicted of a crime, there is no denying that these countries have far less serious crime than the UK.

In a recent article, see below, four individuals were caught robbing a man with a machete.  The result was that two were sentenced for 10 years imprisonment, while the other two were given the death penalty.  They were, as you can read from the article below, taken the next morning and hanged in public for their crimes.  Justice is swift and exacting and is very much a deterrent in Iran, which is a far cry from the justice system in the UK.


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There is no doubt in my mind, or from the people I have spoken to, that we are at the precipice, looking into the abyss and if the UK continues along the path of Liberal views that criminals are just people crying out for help, then with the increasing influx of foreign immigrants the streets of Britain will become so violent that even law enforcement officers will not dare to treat; and it is a very real fact this is already the case in many areas across Britain today

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