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UK Floods an Act of God Due to Cameron Legalising Same Sex Marriage

UK Floods an Act of God Due to Cameron Legalising Same Sex Marriage

UK FLOODS AN ACT OF GOD DUE TO CAMERON LEGALISING SAME SEX MARRIAGE – Former Tory Party member and now UKIP Councillor David Silvester wrote to the Prime Minister warning him of God’s wrath if he legalised Same Sex Marriage.

Mr. Silvester now believes the mass flooding in the UK is due to God taking vengeance for what is clearly an act against God and the Gospel.

Read full story … Daily Mail says…

No this is not some new comedy sketch devised by the Monty Python team in a modern rendition of the Life of Brian but a factual account of Mr. Silvester’s belief that Britain’s current problems are all down to God taking vengeance.

Mr. Slivester wrote an article which was published in The Henley-on-Thames local paper which he accused Mr. Cameron of acting against God and that retribution would be forthcoming.

It was the underlying reason why Mr. Silvester defected to UKIP for he felt that a Christian country should play no part in defying God’s will by legalising Same Sex Marriage.

You’d better hang on to your britches for it gets worse… Mr. Silvester believes the flooding is only the start and it’s likely that the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse are about to ride across Britain bring with them the documented fair of storms, disease, pestilence and war.

Once again we see British politics being tainted with the ludicrous notion of some higher being which only goes to prove that there are some extremely delusional souls walking around making policies based on almost zero fact.

Yes we know that some chap walked around helping people out a bit and that the Roman’s weren’t that keen and eventually made a martyr out of him after nailing him to a couple of pieces of four by two.

Does that really make him the son of a being that allegedly created the universe or was this simply a way for one group of people who realised how gullible others were and therefore could use their convictions to control the masses?

‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’ … well there’s a revelation but that didn’t stop the Christians from murdering millions of Pagans and indeed anyone they considered a heretic.

History plainly and clearly defines religion as the single most destructive ideology in human nature; almost every war mentionable has connotations of religion from a wide variety of religious factions.

How do you control people? There are three main steps to controlling people and none are indicative to the progress of mankind; in fact all three are highly oppressive.

The first thing you do is to ensure that people remain poor. This can be achieved in a number of ways, such a restricting education and forcing people to pay vast amounts of tax.

Once a nation is poor you then move on to instil pure fear.  That is you make the populace fearful of others and for their very lives; the widely publicised war on terror along with the wrath of God has taken care of this area.

So now you have a poor, ignorant and fearful population and the final step is to make them despondent.

Despondency comes from having no positive outlook on the future; we’re all going to die that’s a fact but religion now steps in and offers a glimmer of hope for despite your poverty, ignorance and fear, God will take you into His arms; but only if you are fearful enough of His wrath and therefore obey all instructions from the leaders of his institution known as the Vatican.

Yes, religion is a powerful influence because for many it is the only form of comfort they can obtain in what is generally a miserable existence full of poverty, ignorance, fear and of course despondency.

If you want to see the true damage of Christianity then read a few history books and you will see just how despicable the Catholic Church was and remains in modern times.

It was only yesterday that the Vatican announced that Pope Benedict XVI sacked 400 priests in 2011 and 2012 for child molestation and none of these priests ever saw the inside of a court room; this is testament to the power of the Catholic Church and how it provides sanctuary for any sexual deviant and pervert who wishes to appear above the constraints of worldly pleasures.

If you want to know just how damaging the Catholic faith is in modern times then cast your eyes towards the archipelago sovereign nation of the Philippines.

It too was recently ravaged by typhoon Haiyan which ultimately killed hundreds of devout Catholics and displaced thousands of others.

In the midst of the mayhem these people are largely living in abject poverty, are ignorant, extremely fearful of God and his wrath and have little hope of ever making a better life.

Where was the Catholic Church in their time of need? Where was God for that matter for here is a nation that is supposedly predominantly Catholic where rampant reproduction occurs due to the sacred Biblical belief that every sperm is sacred and therefore despite not being able to adequately feed themselves they continue to produce children who will suffer the same fate as their parents.

Of course this is of no concern to the Catholic Church; in fact it’s a real benefit for these people, despite their poverty, are the ones that continue to fill up the Vatican Bank and are willing to blindly follow whatever the Church demands of them.

Seriously in this day and age, considering all we know about the creation of the universe and life on earth why do we continue to accept the notion that a ‘creator’ exists and yet anyone suggesting that alien life forms are in abundance are labelled as sci-fi nut jobs.

If you want to cure the world of war, famine and above all ignorance that prevents development then it’s time to outlaw all forms of religion and finally bring people into the light so that they can no longer be controlled by those who wish to oppress us.

There is nothing fundamentally wrong with a people’s faith but the institutions that have risen in order to encapsulate the entire idea is not only corrupt but evidently heinous and inherently evil.

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