UK Government is Wasting Taxpayers Money on Foreign Aid

UK GOVERNMENT WASTING TAXPAYERS MONEY ON FOREIGN AID – Often when I write, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the ineptitude of UK Government.  Maybe I’ve got it all wrong – maybe the government officials, such as David Cameron, are in fact a set of highly organised crooks, rather than the custodians of the welfare of the United Kingdom.

Once again it is reported that the UK Government is wasting Taxpayers money on Foreign Aid. Will the British people ever stand up and put a stop to Foreign Aid?

The old saying goes that ‘crime doesn’t pay’ but this is a fallacy because how often do you see a Member of Parliament going to prison for their criminal activities.

When it comes to Foreign Aid this has to be one of the biggest Fraudulent Schemes on the planet and David Cameron its ring-leader.  How can the Prime Minister justify the vast expenditure for something that is never going to materialize any real benefit, for the recipient country or for the UK?

Here’s an example of what I am talking about…  There is a scheme known as The Education for All programme.  This is a scheme that has cost the UK Taxpayer over £380 million.  It was designed to help educate children in India and has been hailed by David Cameron as a huge success.

Being a huge success really depends on your point of view.  If David Cameron is referring to how successful this money was stolen, then yes, he is perfectly correct; as a recent document clearly showed that some £70 million of this fund was stolen by corrupt Indian officials.

So when you see those Indian Officials driving around in their new Mercedes Benz you can give yourself a pat on the back for helping to buy it and thank David Cameron and the previous Blair Government for setting up and continuing to run this scheme.

It is inconceivable why the UK needs to be giving any type of foreign aid to India, after all this is a country with its own space programme and nuclear arsenal – surely if it can afford a space programme and develop weapons of mass destruction it can afford to pay for the education of its own children.

The truth is that the British Taxpayer has been defrauded of almost £1 billion in payments to India in the last five years alone and it’s not about to stop if David Cameron has his way.

I often wonder whether a life of crime does in fact pay when I see how much money Government Ministers steal from the taxpayer in order to fuel the Foreign Aid Budget; which is then filtered through faceless organisations, and stolen by corrupt officials, both in the UK and the intended destination.

I’ve always taken the stance that a spade is a spade and calling it by any other name is deceitful and dishonest. The average hard working taxpayer continues, without even questioning our illustrious Government, to put up with their inadequate management of our finances and openly wastes huge sums of money each year to fuel the greed of others.

Seriously the recipients of UK Foreign Aid must think the British people are the most idiotic people on the planet; and quite frankly I have to agree with them.  Maybe I should set up some nameless organization and cream off the Foreign Aid budget – sure I might have to grease a few palms of government officials here and there but with the amount of cash the UK waste I could still live a life in total luxury.

The question all British Taxpayers should be asking the government is how and why are programmes, like this one, allowed to be funded and why funding continues.

If someone broke into your home and robbed you of your possessions would you report it to the police?  Of course you would; so why are the British Taxpayers not holding David Cameron and his minister to account for their actions?  Since when did the British become so accustomed to being victims of crime and inept from doing anything about it?

This particular instance is, unfortunately, not a unique one, by any stretch of the imagination.  The Foreign Aid budget has to be one of the UK’s most corrupt, mismanaged and fraudulent areas of government spending.

Just take a look at how David Cameron is supporting the brutal regime in Ethiopia, where over £300 million of taxpayers’ money has been ploughed into supporting the on-going oppressive regime.

The people of this country are starving to death and unless they openly support the regime that’s exactly how it continues – this is nothing more than open genocide and the British Government are using Taxpayers money to fuel the atrocities.

The trouble is that David Cameron doesn’t want to tell the truth and more importantly he doesn’t want you to know the truth – he would never get elected if enough of the public was aware of the truth behind the Foreign Aid Budget.

If it was my call I would haul David Cameron in front of a Judge and Jury and try him for nothing less than defrauding the British Taxpayer.  He wouldn’t have to worry about being alone either, as it is most likely if ever such charges for crimes against the UK were initiated, he and his entire cabinet, along with Tony Blair and his cronies, would also be serving a lot of time behind bars.

How bad is the situation?  The UK has a population of approximately 63 million people.  The Foreign Aid Budget is approximately £8 billion, which is set to rise to £12.6 billion by 2015.  That equates to every household providing a contribution of £500 a year – and none of this money ever makes a real difference to the people is it designated for, most of it ends up in the hands of corrupt public officials.

It was only recently that an article appeared on on the wasteful use of money and how money given to South Africa was wasted on a luxury mansion for the Prime Minister instead of going to the poor – if this is not mismanagement and fraudulent use of the taxpayers money then what is and why are we still giving it?  More UK Foreign Aid Money Wasted

Jonathan Foreman – Daily Mail – Read Jonathan’s full article and you will clearly see the scale of the problem and unless the British Taxpayer stands up and says enough is enough then you can guarantee David Cameron and his inept ministers will continue to squander your hard earned money – and just to think this is a government that tells you that there is no money to put into our education and healthcare system.

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  • mike

    If all your facts and figures are correct then it is well past time when the British citizens should unite and demand enough is enough. I see thousands of extremely rich Indians who care nothing and give nothing for the lower class citizens of India. the lower class are abused and work for just a few rupees in sweat shops that are ill equiped and dangerous places of work. Far too often we see and hear about huge losses of life these poor souls suffer due to fire in these disgusting pits of employment.
    So tired of UK taxes and how the government is throwing away these huge sums of money to other countries and immigrants whi have notpaid one penny into the system, no we have no say and it is time we started to look after our own!!

    • Stuffinator

      It is nothing less and scandalous in the way the UK wastes the taxpayers money on Foreign Aid. Take a look at the article by Jonathan Foreman, there’s a part there were last year the Indian Gov told the British Gov that they didn’t want money as it was a trifle amount. The British Gov begged the Indian Gov to take it so that it looks good on the for the DFID – Our pensioners are freezing to death in the winter and David Cameron and his lackies and just squandering the cash. They should all me held up on charges of fraud – jonathan foreman – daily mail