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UK Listed as Top Donor to World Poverty Fund

UK Listed as Top Donor to World Poverty Fund

UK LISTED AS TOP DONOR TO WORLD POVERTY FUND – According to the World Bank, which runs the Poverty Fund designed to provide cash to some of the poorest countries in the world, the UK remains the world’s largest donor.

This year the World Bank managed to raise £32 billion at a meeting of governments in Moscow last week and noted that of the funds raised, the UK donated a staggering £2.8 billion.

On top of this very generous gift of taxpayer’s money, Ministers also offered soft-loans with extremely low interest rates for an additional £500 million to the International Development Association; who is responsible for raising money from perceived rich nations.

It has to be noted that the funds are used to promote health care, education and economic projects in order to help the poorest of countries develop.

The recent donation by Mr. Cameron was of course part of his pledge to spend 0.7% of Britain’s GDP on foreign aid; a subject that continues to be shrouded in controversy.

Britain remains unequivocally the most tolerant and giving of nations in the world.  We will, given the right circumstance, not only put our hands in our own pockets in times of international crisis, such as the recent event of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, but we will also demand that our Government helps as well.

Yes it is a humanitarian trait that we can be proud of, but with growing public resentment of Foreign Aid, will such a notion remain a trait of the British people?

Much of the resentment doesn’t stem from those countries continuously crying out for help but rather the fashion in which foreign aid is distributed.  It has long been acknowledged that the foreign aid budget is subject to vast amounts of corruption, not just within those administrating funds in the UK but rather, and more importantly, the despot dictotors that often control these poor nations.

Earlier this year the Chancellor George Osborne announced that the foreign aid budget was to rise to £11.2 billion; which is considerably more than the Home Office budget and in a time when Britain has an overwhelming problem with immigration.

To many the growing perception is that we now have our priorities all mixed up; or at least our politicians do.  Whilst there is increasing levels of poverty within the UK, the Government simply appears as statesmen on the world stage, seemingly forsaking the needs of the British people over those of foreign lands under the grip of dictators who simply squander taxpayer’s money to fuel their own greed and lavish lifestyles.

I know many people were not impressed with ex-UKIP MEP Godfrey Blooms ‘Bongo Bongo’ remarks, but the liberals did a good job of silencing him through the usual rhetoric of labeling him a racist and a bigot; which effectively didn’t allow the British public to get at the truth.

In light of all the condemnation Godfrey Bloom received, we at took a different approach and decided to ask Godfrey for his views; you can read the full account on his views on foreign aid below.


Foreign Aid by Godfrey Bloom

Foreign Aid and Why Godfrey Bloom is Right

Of course what Godfrey Bloom had to say simply scratches the surface, for like an iceberg 90% of its mass is hidden underwater and this is the underlying issue of foreign aid – it lacks anything near either that of transparency or accountability.

African Foreign Aid Spending

Source: Daily Mail

There are also many other MPs who feel that the recent move to donating so much money into the poverty fund was little more than a way to ‘decontaminate’ the Tories image as one of uncaring; some feel however that the British public should have been shown this care instead of some poverty stricken state which is run by a dictator for their own gain.

From the articles we have published this year alone, it is apparent that the British public is tired of being abused by this Government and indeed the despot dictators of nations that receive our money.


David Cameron’s Foreign Aid Policy Continues to Infuriate Taxpayers

Stop British Foreign Aid to Nigeria

The above articles are but two of over 200 that we have published and clearly shows that much of the British public feels austerity stricken Britain should come first before handing out cash to others, that does nothing more than fuel their greed and increase the UK’s national debt.

Giving of course remains the British tradition but maybe it’s time to ask the taxpayer for funds instead of the Government arbitrarily setting aside foreign aid for what is little more than for their own political gain.

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