UK Police Pay Out for Dog Bite to Thief

UK Police Pay Out for Dog Bite to Thief

UK POLICE OUT FOR DOG BITE TO THIEF - Imagine the scene…  A police officer on patrol with his police dog spots a crime taking place.  The crime?  A thief who is attempting to break into a car.  OK, now we have the scene set and there’s the turn of events.

UK Police have been forced to pay out compensation for a criminal being apprehended by a police dog. More madness from the UK. Read on.

The police officer and his police dog approach the criminal and the police officer loudly announced his presence and that of his dog and tells the individual NOT to move.  The thief then turns around, sees the police officer and his dog.  Knowing that he has been caught red handed he decides to make a run for it.

Now for any right minded individual it would be apparently obvious that trying to out-run a police dog is highly unlikely and we are all aware of how police dogs are trained; that is to pursue and capture, which means getting bitten.

As you would expect the police dog gives chase and successfully captures the assailant by biting hold of him and bringing him down.  All in all it was a job well done by both the police officer and the police dog.

But the story doesn’t end here with a pat on the back for either the police officer or his dog.  Instead the criminal files for compensation for his injuries, from the dog bite, against the police force in question.  Apparently the criminal had to spend several days in hospital after the incident.  The end result is that the criminal is awarded compensation of £2,000.  You can read the full story in the Daily Mail.

OK, what is wrong with this picture?  Has the UK become such a soft touch with its ridiculous Human Rights Laws and Political Correctness?  Well once again, to any right minded individual; this would appear to be the case.  I would like to know when the UK Government will finally come to its senses and either scrap or rewrite the Human Rights Act so that it does not involve rewarding criminals.

Seriously, what does this whole misadventure mean?  What’s the point in having Police Dogs if they are not allowed to do their job with the plain common sense that if a police dog pursues an assailant and brings him/her down then it’s plainly obvious to anyone with an IQ over 3 that it will involve being bitten? What next… Have the dogs’ teeth removed?  Maybe I shouldn’t suggest that because some moron in Whitehall may think that’s a pretty good idea – yes the moronic values are alive and well in the halls of the UK Government!

What does this suggest to the UK Public and more importantly the Criminals?  Well it’s obvious… If you want a decent pay package commit crime and in the event you get arrested you can always make a claim for compensation from the Police Force who made the arrest; and no doubt you will be handsomely rewarded.  Guess it’s time for me to give up my honest job, working 14 hours a day, and take up a life of crime, because the clear and unequivocal message from the UK Government is that crime DOES pay and pays really well… It’s also TAX FREE!

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