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UK Population Expected to DOUBLE in Less than 100 Years

UK Population Expected to DOUBLE in Less than 100 Years

UK POPULATION EXPECTED TO DOUBLE IN LESS THAN 100 YEARS – 100 years will seem like an eternity to some and with statistics declaring that the population in the UK will almost certainly hit over 130 million, there are others who feel they would have long shuffled off their mortal coil for it not to be a concern.

But what about the people left behind? How difficult will life be in Britain once the population hits 70, 80, 90, 100 and indeed 130 million?

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By 2020, it is expected that the over 65s will equate for some 28% of the population whilst the under 16s will equate to some 17% of the population.

This realisation leads us to only one conclusion; the UK will be full of very old people and they will expect the taxpayer to care for them in their old age.

The UK currently has the fastest population growth compared to any other European country and with high levels of immigration, rising birth rates and people living much longer, the UK will struggle to cope; the 100 million mark is expected in 2075.

The revelation from the National Office for Statistics (ONS) has once again raised concerns of the number of Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants expected next year.

Despite the numerous flaws in the Right of Free Movement the UK does need a younger workforce and never has this been more important than when statistics continue to declare that our own home-grown young workforce is simply too lazy to work.

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The UK desperately needs a working population in order to sustain the repayment of the national debt and support of the social systems such as health care, welfare and pensions.

However, despite these clear needs, analysts predict that even with a population of just 70 million it would critically overstretch housing, health care, education, energy and transportation to breaking point; the truth is that we simply do not have the room or resources to cope with such a sizable population and at the current level of 63.7 million, we are not that far off the 70 million that could bring the UK to its knees.

A number of experts have declared that if the UK were to close its borders today, the population would gradually fall but without measures to force people into work the gradual fall could have equally devastating consequences to the economy.

The ONS claims that with current levels of immigrants, rising birth rates and longevity in the population it is most likely that the population of the UK will hit 73.3 million by the year 2037 and in the worst case scenario, which is dependent on the number of migrants flooding the UK, it could hit 70 million by as early as 2027

The ONS pointed out that the figure depends on a number of immigration and emigration factors and it has acknowledged that a growing number of UK citizens are looking to get out of the UK.

The Government has now admitted that their target to reduce net migration to below 100,000 annually is now unrealistic due to the inability to control population movements within the European Union.

With the on-going development in medicines and our understanding of the human body the prediction is that people will live significantly longer in the not too distant future.

Currently life expectancy in the UK stands at 78.7 years for a man and 82.4 years for a woman; these figures will rise by approximately 5 years for every 25 year for future generations.

Whilst this issue might initially be viewed as a problem with migrants, there are underlying problems with British society that needs to be overcome and none more so than the issues of welfare entitlement and a refusal to work.

A number of backbench MPs are again calling on measures to be introduced in order to curb the number of immigrants.

There are some groups who feel that if the Government is able to restrict welfare to immigrants and get people back to work then this could be a way to reduce the numbers of immigrants as they simply will not be able to afford to stay in the UK without work and without benefits.

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