UK to Change Laws Allowing the Deportation of Criminals

UK TO CHANGE LAWS ALLOWING THE DEPORTATION OF CRIMINALS - According to reports in the Daily Mail, David Cameron is seeking to change the law so that criminals, such as Abu Qatada can no longer stay in the UK and use the Human Rights Act in order to prolong their stay, at the expense of the British Taxpayer.

David Cameron announces he wants to change the law to bypass the Human Rights Act which would allow the deportation of criminals.

Did our illustrious leader, David Cameron, finally locate his spine?  Like most things with David Cameron, it’s all about getting his name in the press as often as possible in order to delude the British public into thinking he is a man of action.

In the last few weeks we have had promises of a Referendum on Europe and now a promise in reducing EU interference in our right to deport unwanted criminals.

Currently, nobody can be put on a plane until all their appeals to British courts – and Strasbourg – have been exhausted.

Unfortunately, and what is usually the case with David Cameron and his lackeys, is that when questioned yesterday about this proposal, they were unable to give further details of how this would actually work.  Once again we have a lot of hot air with no real plan.  If a company were to operate in the same way then it would go bust… Yes, you could say that the UK is a company that should have gone into liquidation decades ago, but the truth about the government, and the likes of David Cameron, is that they are generally held unaccountable for their actions.

According to the report there are approximately 4,000 foreign criminals in the UK that cannot be deported under the Human Rights Act.

These include rapists, murderers, muggers and of course the usual array of terrorists. Where the Daily Mail got this figure from is beyond me, considering that the Police Commission has repeatedly provided figures showing that a high proportion of crime in the UK is committed by immigrants – all of which should be deported in my view, whether they are legal or illegal – if you cannot live by our rules, by our standards and to a way of life where you are a productive citizen then you should have no rights to reside in the UK.

Of course before anything happens David Cameron will have to get this past the bleeding liberal hearts of the Liberal Democrats and more importantly the European Court of Human Rights.

What David Cameron really needs to do is to formulate a plan and put this plan to the people under a referendum.  Let the people of the United Kingdom decide, not the politicians and certainly not Europe.

If David Cameron were to hold a referendum on leaving European it is almost a certainty that the UK public would vote to do so.  This now removes the interference from the European Court of Human Rights and then the next step is to bypass the Political Parties and put the deportation of undesirables to the public in another well thought out referendum.

What is the problem with David Cameron?  Why does he insist on standing before the media and public only to spout out things that he has no intention, or doesn’t either have the authority or spine, to implement?

This decision, like most other critical decisions, should not be made by government, but by the people – David, for once in your miserable tenure as Prime Minister, do the right thing… Hold a series of referendums and start with Europe before the UK finally falls into the abyss of antiquated policies and laws and more importantly control from Brussels.

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