UK to Get a Referendum on Leaving the European Union

UK TO GET A REFERENDUM ON LEAVING THE EUROPEAN UNION – British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has announced that a Referendum on Europe could be tabled to the people within a month. While David Cameron pointed out that pulling out of Europe was not his preference, he did say that an exit, with a negotiated trade agreement, could be possible without damaging the UK economy.

At last David Cameron, the British Prime Minister say the UK to Get a Referendum on Leaving the European Union.  It's about time and could effect real change.

I have always been amazed at how our politicians bandy around the prospects of the European Union and the benefits that such membership provides.  It was in 1973 that Britain joined the European Union with the sole intent of extending trade agreements.

Over the decades this has transformed into a single currency, which luckily Britain did not adopt, and then into supporting other nations, such as Italy, Greece and Spain, just to name a few, in bailing them out over what is nothing more than poor management of their own finances.

The trouble with most European countries is that they fail to realise they are accountable for their finances.  Greece alone initiated a number of austerity measures that pushed its level of government spending well beyond its means, and was fully aware of the fact.  However, this appeared to have little consideration as it expected the likes of the United Kingdom to simply bail it out – which it did and then went on to do the same for Italy and Spain.

It is plain, from anyone without the delusion that the European Union is some type of utopia, that it simply breeds contempt from other nations, such as the United Kingdom, who put far more into the system than they ever take out, while countries such as Greece, Spain and Italy do nothing but take.

For years the British people have been asking the successive Governments of the United Kingdom to initiate a public referendum of the withdrawal from the European Union and if David Cameron keeps his word then we are likely to see the United Kingdom pull out of the European Union with an overwhelming public voice.

By pulling out of the European Union the United Kingdom stands to save billions of pounds each year in payments to the EU in order to prop up failing and failed economies that are the direct result of poor governance by those elected by the people of the respective countries.

It would now be interesting to see what the UK will do once it pulls out – maybe we could finally have our own laws back and reduce the influx of immigrants or take positive measure against the likes of Abu Qatada and deport him to Jordan without the interference of the European Court of Human Rights.

I personally think the UK can affect a lot of positive changes without the incessant interference from Europe and finally lay to rest the control that Brussels and the likes of Angela Merkel who continuously interfere in UK Politics in order to line the own bed of feathers.

It will be interesting to see if David Cameron will keep his word but I honestly think we are approaching a breaking point on this subject and a referendum is long overdue.  We are supposed to be a democratic country and therefore it is the responsibility of our Government to allow our voice to be heard through the majority vote. Maybe, just maybe we are finally going to get our country back!

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