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UKIP Accused of Being Sexist

UKIP Accused of Being Sexist

UKIP ACCUSED OF BEING SEXISTS – Who in the dickens comes up with this hogwash? Sexism only exists in the minds of those who feel inadequate or inferior to their sexual counterparts; well that’s my two shillings worth.

Look, you very rarely hear of men bleating on about sexism in the workplace.  OK, yes you have the argument that the workplace is male dominated and all that jazz but the truth of the matter is that any rational human being would admit that there are some things in life that men are rather better at and vice-versa.

Suffragettes, feminists and of course liberals all go hand in hand and it’s why in modern times it’s almost a crime to be a man.

Yes under the liberal idiotic ideology that we are all equal I should be allowed to have a baby and breast feed my child.  Unfortunately Mother Nature never intended man to be that way but I’m sure if I pushed hard enough I could get a few liberals to support such a cause.

No I’m not opposed to women working in any job nor am I opposed to women taking positions of power, be it political or otherwise.

I was and still am a massive fan of Margaret Thatcher and I’d be the first to admit she did a remarkable job in what was predominantly a man’s world.

Some people of course have nothing better to do than go around slapping labels on things and in this case someone slapped the label of ‘sexism’ on UKIP.

Nigel Farage has been forced to come out to defend UKIPs position stating that ‘no political party has done more to promote women’.

Mr. Farage went on to say that women are slowly but surely taking over UKIP; personally I think he should have said… ‘Find me a person, man or woman, who can do the job and they can have it.’

I really find the whole idea of equality laws offensive for it carries the connotation that we are unable or rather incapable of recognising that we are different, and in unique ways which is what Mother Nature intended.

Mr. Farage is not unaccustomed to the issues of sexism, after all Godfrey Bloom dropped a clanger after referring to women as ‘sluts’ last year although he defended the comment as being taken out of context.

There is the issue of maternity leave and again Mr. Farage feels that we should have an open and honest debate as to the problems such causes for employers.

Personally I believe that if a couple (or individual) take the decision to have a child it should bear no burden on an employer or the state; that is maternity leave shouldn’t exist and neither should child benefits.

Is such an ideology sexist?  Of course not for the choice to have children is that of the couple or individual making such a decision and therefore as a lifestyle choice it is neither sexist nor the responsibility of others.

The really sad thing about this latest accusation of sexism really comes down to certain media organisations having little or nothing else to attack UKIP with and after coming second in the Wythenshawe and Sale East By-Election such seems to be a ritual in reply to a positive move.

No doubt there are some people, both men and women, who will be somewhat disgruntled by what I’ve said but if Mother Nature had intended us all to be the same then our species would never have survived let alone flourished.

I honestly believe we ought to embrace our differences, recognise our individual limits and accept that men and women are fundamentally different with each possessing unique attributes.

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UKIP Accused of Being Sexist