UKIP Ad Star Suspended Over Racist and Bigoted Rant

by Editor | April 25, 2014 2:58 am

UKIP AD STAR SUSPENDED OVER RACIST AND BIGOTED RANT –Andre Lampitt, originally from Zimbabwe, was the star in UKIPs first EU election TV broadcast but yesterday was suspended after he condemned Ed Miliband as ‘not a real Brit’, suggested Africans should ‘kill themselves off’ and said Islam was an evil religion with a paedophile prophet, according to the Daily Mail.

If that didn’t offend people Mr. Lampitt also went on to state that he loathed the charity Oxfam and welcomed the AIDS outbreaks in Africa, stating; “Inner peace will come when Aids does what it should and reduce African density.”

Mr. Lampitt didn’t stop there and certainly didn’t hold back in his condemnation for David Cameron for he accuses him of loving the EU far more than Britain and that despite the vilification of Vladimir Putin at least there is a man who does love his country.

Could it be anymore racist or bigoted?  Well for the political correct brigade they’ll need to take a seat for Mr. Lampitt also insisted that Muslims should either denounced their pathetic satanic religion or leave Europe.

The star of UKIPs EU election TV campaign was standing as a councillor in Merton, South London but UKIP was said to be horrified by his views and suspended him immediately as failing to do so could damage their chances in next month’s EU elections.

UKIP announced yesterday that Mr. Lampitt had also taken to Twitter and expressed his views; some of which might be potentially unlawful.

You’re probably chomping at the bit to know what our views are at and we wouldn’t want to disappoint, so here’s our take….

Do you know what democracy is?  In essence democracy is about freedom, the freedom to choose and the freedom to express your opinions.

The issue here is that there are a few comments Mr. Lampitt made that could, as UKIP pointed out, be conceived as unlawful; in other words laws have not only been created to remove your democratic right to freedom of free speech they have been made to prevent people from offending others.

Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me… We’re sure you’ve heard that old saying many times but what is really occurring here is that fact that Mr. Lampitt actually spoke a couple of hard truths and in our liberalised, politically correct society it’s really no longer acceptable to speak one’s mind and woe-betide anyone who tells the truth that might grate on the sensitivity of others; especially when it comes to religion.

I doubt many British citizens would really condemn Mr. Lampitt for his views on Islam, it is in our view, along with every other religion, evil; of course Mr. Lampitt took it too far for there is no evidence to suggest the prophet was a paedophile; in our view that’s a step too far but it should be Mr. Lampitt’s democratic right to express his views and our democratic to admonish him if we disagree.

I’m sorry but you can’t cherry pick democracy; you can’t simply pick it up when it suits you nor should you prevent another from airing their views, regardless to whether you find it offensive or not; again you have the right to retort.

When it comes to Africa we can honestly say it has its problems; certainly where Mr. Lampitt comes from it is a country bathed in blood and remains under the tyrannical rule of Robert Mugabe; but to suggest AIDS was a good thing is wholly uncalled for; these are after all a people oppressed by a dictator and are ruled by fear.

Calling Mr. Miliband ‘not British’ can also be seen as a rather ridiculous idea; I for one am of Jewish decent but that certainly doesn’t make me any less British.  In modern Britain it should be irrelevant where you come.

Remember what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., said; “Judge a man not by the colour of his skin but by the content of his character.”

I honestly believe that this was one of the most poignant messages mankind has ever received and yet few have ever truly understood its meaning.

The message is clear; cut a man and he’ll bleed red regardless to the colour of his skin, however, a man’s deeds should and will determine his rightful place in society for his deeds ultimately reveals the true content of his character.

One of Mr. Lampitt’s comments that really shocked a number of people was his declaration that Enoch Powell was right with his ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech.  Now before you go off all agitated you might want to consider what Enoch Powell had to say… read.

As suspected it didn’t take the Liberal Democrats long to come out of the woodwork to attack Mr. Lampitt and it was the Liberal Democrat President, Tim Farron, who stated; ‘His racist views might even make the BNP wince with embarrassment.”

Yes the reference to the British National Party (BNP) was used simply because the BNP are considered a racist and bigoted political entity and as we know the right to air your opinions is not something the Liberal Democrats are keen on, unless of course it’s their views that need airing, and will always turn to racism and bigotry in order to silence their opponents.

UKIP unfortunately know that they had to remove Mr. Lampitt and rightfully condemn his views, well at least some of them for they lack any credible evidence.

We live is a ‘politically correct’ society, concocted by liberals who would rather nobody spoke so as to not cause offence; unfortunately that very ideology is offensive to anyone who supports and upholds the principles of democracy.

Again, you don’t have to like what is said, you certainly don’t have to agree with it but if suppress it or attempt to remove it any way then you effectively remove your right to express your opinion.

Democracy, for all the talk of politicians upholding its principles, is slowly but surely being suffocated and it is why come the 2015 General Election I won’t be voting for any political party for I refused to vote in another set of dictators who will ultimately move towards suppressing my rights to freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

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