UKIP Again Accused of Being a Party of Rampant Racists

by Editor | April 28, 2014 7:27 am

UKIP AGAIN ACCUSED OF BEING A PARTY OF RAMPANT RACISTS – Would someone in the Tory and Liberal Democrat camp please change the record?

Start a debate with a Tory or Liberal, it doesn’t matter what the subject matter, and as soon as they have nothing of substance to add to the debate watch carefully how they turn and use racism and bigotry as a way to silence their opponents.

Yes nobody likes to be accused of being either a racist or a bigot and it is why it has become such an effective weapon to silencing the opposition.

I suspect most people watched the EU Debate with Nigel Farage and Nick Clegg and in doing so witnessed Nick Clegg’s humiliation.  Of course days after the polls revealed Nigel Farage had gained massive support the Tories wheeled out Baroness Warsi, yes another chum of Mr. Cameron’s and an unelected Minister who once again warned the nation that supporting UKIP was tantamount to supporting racism.

We’re fast approaching May 22 when the EU Elections will decide which political party will take centre stage in the European Parliament and as UKIP continues to surge ahead, with the polls clearly suggesting UKIP will take the elections by a landslide majority, the Tories and the Liberal Democrats have nothing else other than the ‘racist’ card in which to attack UKIP.

Of course you could take the view that some comments from certain UKIP members has been racist or bigoted, for instance Mr. Bicliff who announced on the day that gay marriages became legal in the UK that it was a sad day for straight people.

Turning the tables would you consider Mr. Bicliff’s democratic right to express his views to be the true evil of society or whether David Cameron’s foreign aid policy on funding international terrorism is somewhat more important?

Ah yes, you racist you… you bigot… these often appear far more important in our politically correct society, after all who would dare dream of allowing people to democratically voice their opinion for this would grate on the religious and cultural sensitivities which would ultimately bring about the downfall of our multicultural cohesive society.

The latest imbecile to join the affray is none other than our illustrious Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt.  Yes here’s a man to insists that NHS whilstblowers will not be hung out to dry and that NHS executives will be held accountable…. no we’ve haven’t yet seen Sir David Nicholson facing charges of Corporate Manslaughter for his failings which resulted in the deaths of 1,200 patients at Mid-Staffordshire Hospital, but is anyone really surprised?

That of course is inconsequential, completely unimportant for the are dark clouds on the horizon and with it comes the evils of racism and bigotry all packaged in the form of UKIP and unless the Tories and Liberal Democrats in their shining armour of righteousness and moral fortitude are able to dispel such evil then Britain’s multicultural cohesive society will come crashing down and Britain will once again be plunged into the dark ages that is rife with racism and bigotry.

Yes it’s total rubbish but that’s exactly how David Cameron and Nick Clegg see it and they’ll happily wheel out any one of their moronic puppets to scream racism from the belfry in order to prevent the public from voting UKIP.

Mr. Hunt attacked UKIP by describing them as a political party that is unquestionably unpatriotic, which continuously attracts racists by a leader (Nigel Farage) who is divisive.

Why the latest attack; well that all comes down to another UKIP party member making a comment that Lenny Henry should emigrate to a ‘black country’.

As soon as the comment reached the ears of Mr. Cameron he no doubt rubbed his hands with glee for yet again he could condemn UKIP as a party of fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists.

So what sparked prospective UKIP councillor William Henwood to make such a remark?  It came not long after Lenny Henry vilified the BBC for not employing more ‘black’ talent.

According to Mr. Henry there is a woeful lack of ‘black’ talent on the television and this minority is deeply unrepresented.

It’s funny because I can’t recall anyone calling Mr. Henry racists.  After all didn’t he clearly state there are too many ‘white’ people on TV?

Whatever happened to the principles of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.; in reference to his ‘I have a dream’ speech?  Didn’t he advocate that a man should not be judged by the colour of his skin but rather by the content of his character?

I’m guessing Mr. Henry, like so many before, has conveniently overlooked this fact.  When we first got wind of Mr. Henry’s views we didn’t attempt to oust him as a racist but if you want to take the literal meaning of racism then clearly it makes him a racist for he clearly doesn’t care if a person is capable of entertaining the nation or not just as long as he’s black.

31%, that’s the current level of public support UKIP has in the latest polls in reference to the up and coming EU elections.

From our perspective it is becoming clear that the public are no longer listening to the stupidity of the ongoing accusations of racism but rather waking up to the fact that democracy is about allowing people to express their opinions in an open and honest way.

The Government’s insistence however to take this route of continuously attempting to scaremonger the public, or rather shaming them if they attempted to vote in a party of perceived racists, will continue to backfire.

It was clear in the EU Debate with Nigel Farage and Nick Clegg that the Coalition Government couldn’t come up with any decisive reasons as to why Britain should remain in the EU whereas Nigel Farage gave countless reasons as to why Britain needs to relinquish its membership.

The truth is, and this is something that the likes of David Cameron and Nick Clegg won’t reveal, is that all failed politicians end up in the EU; it’s their retreat and a way for them to continue exerting their power even after they’ve been removed from power within the UK.

A position within the EU is also a highly lucrative proposition for at €300,000 a year plus a platinum pension and all the expenses you can shake a stick at this is not something they want to see an end any time soon.

Currently three nations effectively prop up the EU, these being Britain, France and Germany. We already know that the EU over spent its annual budget by £20 billion last year which required each nation to contribute in order to balance the books; or rather stave off EU bankruptcy.

The UK, according to UKIP, contributes £55 million a day to the EU and therefore if Britain was to pull out the entire EU would collapse within less than a year.

The Tories and the Liberal Democrats effectively want to make this a ‘racist’ issue because frankly they don’t have anything else and such has been fairly affective in keeping the voting public in line up until now.

However, this is now changing and unless Mr. Cameron or Mr. Clegg has anything else in the bag they are going to be denied a voice in the European Parliament after May 22.

Yes, it’s a prospective neither want to see become a reality but clearly the public are sick and tired of the rhetoric and lies and simple ‘name-calling’ is no longer going to provide the public with a reason not to remove them from office.

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