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UKIP Again Accused of Rampant Racism

UKIP Again Accused of Rampant Racism

UKIP AGAIN ACCUSED OF RAMPANT RACISM – UKIP has yet again been accused of being a party full of racists and bigots after a number of highly questionable remarks were posted on the official UKIP website forum by UKIP members.

Read full story … Daily Mail says…

Pick a political party, any party it doesn’t matter.  Now pick a politician affiliated with that party, again it doesn’t matter who. Now finally undertake an internet search.

Once you have you have completed your search you’ll probably be able to dig up sufficient dirt to label that person with all manner of derogatory and vile connotations; such is the nature of politics and ultimately an individual’s views.

UKIP has been doing rather well in the polls recently as they continue uncovering the true nature of immigration and our involvement in the European Union; or should that be the European Union’s involvement in Britain for it is becoming evident that we or our Government doesn’t have much of a say in policy making.

Many now feel, including a goodly number of politicians from opposing parties, that UKIP is poised to win a landslide victory in the up and coming European Elections for they are the only political party who are prepared to move against the EU dictators and provide the public with an EU referendum.

On the other side of the coin is the issue of immigration and one that has really been pushed to the front of the queue with the recent coming of the right of free movement.

There can be little surprise as to why a growing number of the general public has an underlying fear that Britain will eventually be overrun by Eastern Europeans which might well end up being subjected to Sharia Law once the Muslims finally have their way and take over.

Ah yes, that’s a racists view and indeed the ramblings of a bigot but such is the recourse of the liberal progressives for they refuse to consider any notion or utter a single word that might expose them to the possibility of  being called racists or bigots regardless of whether this will ultimately suppress the truth.

As you will read from the article on the Daily Mail some of the comments were certainly uncalled for and yes, clearly racist.

Unfortunately what the press are attempting here is a blanket assumption; that is just because there’s a racist or two in UKIP, this automatically makes the entire party racist and bigoted.

We know there’s a fair amount of Muslims who would like to see us either converted to Islam or better yet dead.  We’ve all seen the Muslim placards announcing that Islam will rule the world and that Britain will bow down and accept Sharia Law or perish.

Does that make every Muslim an Islamic extremists or indeed aterrorist?

We are also aware that there are many black youths dressed up in hoodies that roam about about our streets engaging in all manner of crime.  Again just because this creates a stereotype doesn’t give any credence to the ideology that every black youth in a hoodie is a criminal; in fact the colour of a person’s skin bares no relevance to the content of their character; something that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was fully aware of but clearly insightful wisdom that we refuse to acknowledge.

Regrettably this is exactly how UKIP’s image is now being played out in the press.  We certainly have no doubt that there are a number of UKIP members who are racist and bigoted but you can find these in any political party you care to mention; along with thieves, liars, rapists, murderers and any other form of criminal you care to mention – dig deep enough and you’ll be amazed at what you can find.

Is UKIP really the racist and bigoted party that so many members of the press are currently labelling them as?

We would suspect that there are no more racists and bigots in UKIP than there are in the Liberal Democrats although it could be said that the Liberal Democrats seriously lack any form of conviction whereas at least UKIP is willing to stand by their political convictions.

Again some of the comments were certainly unkind, deliberately vile and ill conceived but maybe this is the true face of Britain; after all UKIP’s current upward rise is only achieved on the back of public sentiment and maybe the public are looking for a political party that will stand up and speak the truth and attempt to stem the tide of immigration and the EU’s interference in our affairs.

The liberal progressives of course will have none of it for in their mind’s eye Britain is a utopia of multicultural cohesive communities where foreign migrants all work hard and pay taxes and each and every Muslim is a law abiding, peace loving individual who simply has our best interests at heart – hence the continuous calls for us to convert to Islam.

There are some that would like to affiliate UKIP with the British National Party (BNP) or the English Defence League (EDL) in order to suppress the public’s willingness to provide on-going support; yes they want to label you a racist and a bigot for these appear to be the bywords for what used to be called patriotism.

Have you ever visited the EDL’s website?  If you haven’t I would suggest you do (click here) for it is not full of rantings that call for violence or racial hatred but rather topical information on the state of Britain and how politicians are basically handing over Britain piece by piece to the EU and foreigners flocking Britain who ultimately want abuse the welfare system.

Interestingly enough there’s a goodly amount of historical facts on all manner of issues regarding Muslims and Islam; facts that are well reasearched.

We really ought to be able to move on and dispel those who wish to do us harm, either financially or physically without being labelled racists.

As liberal progression marches forward it will eventually bring about untold violence for at that point there will be no recourse or justice through open dialogue… it is a time we, and all other law abiding citizens, do not want to see and therefore we must be open and honest about the situation in Britain without some fanatical liberal screaming racist and bigot each time someone thinks we should openly discuss the issues that are clearly segregating society.

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