UKIP: Are Voters Setting Up a Rebellion Against the Europe Union?

by Editor | April 26, 2014 3:52 am

UKIP: ARE VOTERS SETTING UP A REBELLION AGAINST THE EUROPEAN UNION? –Mention the word ‘democracy’ to anyone and it’s likely the first word that comes to mind is that of ‘freedom’.

Democracy of course is all about freedom, that is the freedom to express yourself openly, the freedom to speak openly without fear of oppression or suppression and the freedom to choose a political party to represent the voice of the people.

Whenever we vote in a particular political entity we effectively hand over our democracy by giving them the power to decide what laws to introduce, the level of taxation we must pay and in fact the ability to control almost every aspect of our lives.

In effect we, the voter, are almost enslaved to the whims and ideologies of those we elect to power and rarely will those in power consider public opinion when making decisions.

With this in mind should be really be surprised to learn that many feel that the only element of democracy afforded to the voting public is the right to vote in the next dictator.

In the UK we’ve lived with democracy for a long time and it is now being taken for granted; that is we have little or no fear that our democracy will be taken away for this is effectively the first generation that hasn’t had to defend it.

However, there is now a growing number of people who feel we have become complacent about our democracy and as such has allowed this, and previous Governments, to slowly but surely chip away at democracy leaving it weak and almost disabled as they move towards creating a totalitarian state.

We are of course referring to the European Union, a body wholly made up of failed politicians who have seen a way to create a super-state and will stop and nothing to exert their will upon the people to see this ideology come to fruition.

‘Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely’, yes a phrase that we are all familiar with but either unwilling or unable to see that such is now unfolding with the European Union.

The EU continues to produce vast amounts of legislation unabated and with almost no accountability and in the process stripping away the rights and freedoms of the people.

Maybe we now take democracy for granted to the point where we simply refuse to believe that anyone or any entity could possibly take it from us; unfortunately this is a fallacy and one that the majority of politicians are happy to peddle but look a little closer and you’ll see that we are but a few steps away from totalitarian rule.

The bastion and pillar of democracy is and will always be free Press, for it allows for the flow of free and untainted information; yes the Press do get it wrong from time to time but what would you rather have, a system of Government controlled state media or an open and free Press?

Take away the ability for the Press to report and you effectively control information; once you control the flow of information you effectively control the thoughts of the people and at that point you have complete and utter compliance.

Don’t think for one moment such couldn’t transpire in the modern world; simply cast an eye towards North Korea and you will then see just how effectively a Government can control its people with the control of information.

For a little over 300 years the UK has had a system of democratic free Press but late last year the Government forced Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II to sign a Royal Press Charter that now brings the Press under Government control.

To date not one media organisation has signed up to the Royal Press Charter, indeed earlier this year the Prime Minister, David Cameron, insisted they do so and was prepared to take Government action to force them to comply.

Despite the threats the media has abstained and rightly so for once the Government is able to control the Press all traces of democracy, or what is currently left of it, will dissolve.

Over the past 18 months we’ve witnessed the rise of UKIP, yes it’s a party that’s been around since 1998 but has never really made any political headway; until that is they managed to secure a seat within the European Parliament.

For the last few decades the major political parties have managed to suppress the UKIP vote; this has been mainly achieved through the political indoctrination that UKIP is fundamentally a political party of racists and bigots; but it now appears the public have tired of this rhetoric.

Within less than a year UKIP has gone from approximately 5% of the national vote to 20% and its rise has all been attributed to the every growing interference from the European Union; a body that feels Britain, along with every other member state, needs totalitarian control in order for the EU to work.

In the process the EU has effectively bankrupted a number of EU member states, most notably Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Ireland and by doing so is now able to fully control each by restricting the flow of money.

There is no denying the fact that we are moving into an era where democracy is under real threat, not just from the European Union but also from the likes of David Cameron who obviously feels his job and his ministers could be far better protected if he didn’t have to contend with the Press revealing every dirty deal, theft of public funds and failing of the system.

Now, more than ever, there is widespread support for UKIP for the public feels that Nigel Farage is the only politician willing and able to tell the truth and ultimately relinquish a membership that is designed to suppress or rather eradicate democracy.

There are also more and more people who are now considering the notion of abstaining from voting in the 2015 General Election for these people feel that voting any of the political parties to power would only give them the ability to silence the Press and finally remove the public’s democratic freedoms.

In the video below Pat Condell gives his views on UKIP and why Europe needs a revolution; no he’s not advocating a violent revolution for violence never truly works but by using your vote effectively it could set about a chain of events that halts the EU despots in their tracks and once again upholds the principles of democracy.

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