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UKIP Calls for Foreign Aid Budget to be Diverted to Help Flood Victims at Home

UKIP Calls for Foreign Aid Budget to be Diverted to Help Flood Victims at Home

UKIP CALLS FOR FOREIGN AID BUDGET TO BE DIVERTED TO HELP FLOOD VICTIMS AT HOME – Currently the British Government hands over £11 billion a year to foreign countries in order to help them develop their economies… yes that would Foreign Aid.

The idea behind foreign aid is to help poorer countries develop commerce, industry and infrastructure in the hope that such nations will become economically and politically stable and ones which the UK can trade with.

If you think about it sensibly for a moment it’s actually a very good idea but unfortunately foreign aid is rife with abuse and corruption; you only need to look at the African continent to see how the despot dictators live in the lap of luxury on the back of foreign aid whilst their people starve to death in abject poverty.

Move a little further around the globe and you have places like Pakistan who were provided with an entire fleet of fighter jets at a time when Britain couldn’t afford such for its own Air Force; this also comes from a country that actively engages in acts of terrorism by supporting and harbouring known terrorist groups.

Just across the border and you have India; now here’s a country so wealthy it can afford its own space programme… something the UK has never been able to afford.

Yes it could be argued that many Indians live in abject poverty but that’s mainly due to the antiquated class system that oppresses the poor and yet despite all of this the UK hands over hundreds of millions of pounds in foreign aid annually.

Nigel Farage, leader of UKIP, is now calling upon the Government to use the foreign aid budget in order to help those in the UK recover from the devastating floods; Mr. Farage points out that charity begins at home.

Anyone living in the UK presently will tell you that a number of areas have been widely devastated by the recent atrocious weather in which homes have been flooded, roads washed away or have become impassable and a number of railway lines completely destroyed.

David Cameron has certainly appear almost obtuse to the plight of those suffering from floods; indeed it appears that little or no action has come from the Government to assist those affected.

Labour and UKIP have accused Mr. Cameron of being completely clueless and as yet has failed acted appropriately to address the situation.

As we know the severe weather is far from over and this morning more weather warnings were issued across certain areas of the UK; the Met Office again issued warnings of serve and widespread flooding.

Many homes across much of the Somerset Levels have been evacuated whilst ministers fiddle with creating emergency plans; plans that should have been in place a long time ago considering the known risks of flooding.

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles announced that an extra £30 million this year would be provided for the relief efforts and to pay for repairs; this is in addition to the £100 million provided for next year to help with repair work.

So £130 million in total; that’s a bit rich considering India last year received over twice this amount at £280 million and despite the Government declaring that India no longer qualifies for foreign aid it still intends to give it until 2015.

Mr. Farage stated that the sum was simply not enough and that anyone with an ounce of common sense would recognise that a Government should put the well-being of its citizens ahead of other nations.

Yes some might say that Nigel Farage’s statement is a little mean spirited but I strongly suspect the majority of the public would say he has adequately assessed the situation from a sensible view point.

Mr. Farage went on to say that the message David Cameron is sending is one that is both lethargic and inadequate and that if the people feel that this Government doesn’t care about its people such a consensus shouldn’t be admonished.

Last week the Environment Secretary Owen Paterson turned up in Somerset in which the pressed noted that he was dressed in a manner that was more attune to turning up at the Ritz with polished shoes and a crisp suit rather than dressing sensibly for a disaster zone.

According to Mr. Cameron the Government has acted adequately but of course that would be his response; he certainly didn’t have to go home to find it 4 feet under water and facing the prospect of being effectively homeless for the next few months.

Mr. Cameron also state that he has chaired an emergency meeting in which he offered the police, fire and local authorities all the assistance they required.

Despite the bickering in-house and between the political parties the fact remains that Nigel Farage is perfectly correct in that charity does start at home and the £11 billion foreign aid budget would be far better put to use within our own borders instead of handing money over to despot dictators so that they can buy yet another private jet or luxury property.

It really is time this Government got its priorities right but it appears with the Liberal partners they would much rather appear politically correct and generous to poorer nations whilst its own citizens put up with the misery of the floods and the damage it has causes.

Come on Mr. Cameron pull your finger out and divert the foreign aid where it won’t be stolen and will be used to make a real difference to UK citizens lives; either that or you’d better pack your bags for No.10 will soon see a new occupant in residence.

A final word to Mr. Cameron… You already know what the people want and it is the people that pay your salary.  It’s high time you learned that your position is funded by the taxpayer and therefore when the majority give you and order you should act upon it.

I strongly suspect you’re going to find out in 2015 just how much you are despised… not exactly a legacy of notable content and one that you could change if only you would listen to those who employ you.

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