UKIP Candidate Resigns Over Lenny Henry Racial Slur

by Editor | April 30, 2014 3:53 am

UKIP CANDIDATE RESIGNS OVER LENNY HENRY RACIAL SLUR – You may recall the recent events; one in which Lenny Henry complained there were not enough black people on television and the retort by William Henwood, UKIP candidate, in which he suggested Lenny Henry should emigrate to a black country.

The result; well it was a foregone conclusion in that Mr. Henwood has stepped down and relinquished his UKIP party membership whilst Lenny Henry has emerged as the victim and allowed to continue spouting his racial hatred.

Yes racial hatred is a gate that swings both ways and despite many people finding Mr. Henry’s comments acceptable we do not.

Once again we quote the late and great Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who stated that a man should not be judged by the colour of his skin but rather by the content of his character.

This message appears completely lost of the likes of Mr. Henry who will continue to use racism as an excuse so that he can further fuel the social divide and in the affray cover his actions in acceptability and even respectability because he happens to be black.

I wonder how far a major newspaper would get if it published an article saying there were simply too many black people living in the UK?

Oh yes the left-wing defenders of multicultural Britain would take to the streets and scream racism and bigotry as loud as humanly possible…. but didn’t Mr. Henry just do the same by stating there were too many white people on TV?

When it comes to racial discrimination those peddling it like to have their cake and eat it and in our view Mr. Henry is your classic example of such.

Yes, he wants to exercise his democratic right to freedom of speech and condemn the BBC for being racists but he, like so many others, are offended when others take to openly expressing their views.

Nigel Farage is now launching a so-called ‘fightback’ in order to purge UKIP of the racists and bigots it is reported to contain and certainly what Mr. Henwood said was completely wrong but it wasn’t any worse than what Mr. Henry had to say.

Yesterday we published an article concerning Paul Weston, a UKIP candidate that exercised his democratic right to publicly air the issues of growing Islamic fundamentalism in the UK.

During his speech he quoted Sir Winston Churchill and was subsequently arrested for ‘Racial Harassment’ after a single member of the public telephoned the police to complain.

In the meantime outside the Saudi Embassy in London a group of Islamic extremists, including none other than Anjem Choudary, were rally against the Saudi Arabian government.

During the protest many had their faces covered and most disturbingly a number of the demonstrators were children as young as six, all dressed up like jihadist terrorists and what did the authorities do?

Nothing; and they did nothing because taking any action would have been deemed racist, bigoted and would pay only to adding fuel to the fire of religious sensitivity.

Personally we don’t have a problem with anyone demonstrating or voicing their opinions for this is their democratic right to do so and providing there are no calls for violence then anyone should have the right to publicly be heard.

Unfortunately the UK has turned to ‘cherry picking’ who and who may not voice their opinions and it is increasingly obvious that the so-called minorities are given preferential treatment whilst the rest are being force into silence through the use of racism and discriminatory laws.

The rise of UKIP is seen my many mainstream politicians, from the camps of Labour, Tory and Liberal Democrat as a danger to society and one that could not only see Britain relinquishing its EU membership but may well drive a wedge through multiculturalism in Britain.

Read into it what you like but considering UKIP has never been in a position of power and the very fact that Britain is a highly segregated society it is clear that UKIP isn’t the problem but rather those who have given lip service to the racist and bigoted ideologies peddled by the growing ethnic minorities.

Have we really moved into an era where democracy has become two-tiered?  Are we to accept that only certain quarters of society are allowed to openly air their views whilst the rest are labelled as racists and bigots?

We talk of a tolerant society and therefore shouldn’t we have the tolerance to listen to people’s grievances without requiring them to wear a label or worse threaten them with violence?

If you want to uphold the democratic principle of free speech then you must support it across the entire spectrum and accept that we all have different views and ideologies; this doesn’t suggest you have to like what you hear but it does suggest you should at least respect their right to be heard.

In our view the media is increasingly being attacked by those who insist their voice and opinions be heard but will happily deny others to do the same.

We are quickly approaching a point where it will become impossible to say anything without someone taking offense and calling it racist or bigoted and once we reach this point democracy will fail and totalitarianism will take its place.

In the video below Pat Condell talks about free speech and asks who is really afraid of it.

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