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UKIP Councillor Victoria Ayling in Racism Storm

UKIP Councillor Victoria Ayling in Racism Storm

UKIP COUNCILLOR VICTORIA AYLING IN RACISM STORM – Victoria Ayling yesterday faced a barrage of criticism after being questioned about immigration where she declared that she would ‘send them all back home’ if she had her way.

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This is the second time since March this year that Victoria Ayling has made the headlines; the first instance being in March was when she publicly defected from the Tory Party and joined UKIP.

During an interview with the Mail Online the question of immigration was addressed in which she made a number of comments that left the interviewer stunned including ‘I just want to send the lot back, but I can’t say that.’

Victorial Ayling and Nigel Farage

It was to be expected that Tory, Labour and Liberal Democrats would take her remarks and label them racist and within hours of Victoria Ayling’s comments; with a number of opposition politicians declaring that Victoria Ayling should have no place in politics and that her views are not the views of the majority of the British public.

After leaving the Tory Party Victoria Ayling became a trusted ally of UKIP leader Nigel Farage but even he has been quick to berate her remarks by stating that he wasn’t aware of her ‘extremist’ views which certainly are not consistent with UKIP policy.

Currently there is no political party that would support Victoria Ayling’s views but are they right in their assumption that the British public abhors such a notion?

At the last count the Mail Online had a total of 611 comments and it appears that the Mail Online, who also condemned Victoria Ayling’s views, and the politicians are either blind to current public sentiment or they simply refuse to listen to it.

The comments ranged in context but the message is clear in that most openly support Victoria Ayling’s views and that this has nothing to do with being racist but rather an attempt to save what little is left of Britain; some called upon the Mail Online to conduct a poll in order to prove that this is indeed the growing public sentiment.

Politicians and indeed the media need to have a clear understanding of what the public really wants but in the interest of political correctness, or rather years of indoctrination, they simply do not want to either acknowledge the truth or more importantly face it for fear of being labeled a racist and or a bigot.

Immigration is certainly a healthy thing for Britain for we have an aging population and in order to support these people we need to attract migrants who wish to work and pay taxes.

There are of course many Romanians, Bulgarians, Polish and Muslim people who work hard and are law abiding citizens but these particular ethnic groups are being tainted by those who have entered Britain with the remit of engaging in crime, fleecing the benefit system, plotting and carrying out terrorist activities and even attempting to change the law of the land by declaring some areas being under Sharia law.


Muslim Patrol Trio Jailed for Attempting to Enforce Sharia Law in East London

The issue with migrants is basically twofold; that being the divide of culture and religion.  These aspects are the sole reason why Britain is not the multicultural cohesive community that this and previous Government’s set out to make.

In order to create such unification migrants must be able to adopt the British culture and put aside religious ideology with the remit of trying to force others to live to a religious standard that they purportedly adhere to.

With just days to go before the Right of Free Movement comes into effect there are many who feel that Britain is about to go down in the history books as a country that allowed itself to be taken over and sunk all in the name of political correctness.

Victoria Ayling’s notion of ‘sending them all back’ is of course not the solution but what Britain does need is to ensure that those migrants living in Britain and those wishing to live here do conform to our way of life, intend to work, will not force their religious beliefs upon us, not engage in acts of crime or terrorism and accept that Britain has its own set of laws that must be adhered to.

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