UKIP EU Election Poster Drives Immigration Message Home

UKIP EU ELECTION POSTER DRIVES IMMIGRATION MESSAGE HOME – It has been dubbed a powerful image by many marketing experts.

The scene is set on the White Cliffs of Dover, the iconic image of Britain; however the creators placed in an escalator leading one way with a clear message; ‘No Border, No Control’.

UKIP EU Election Poster - No Borders - No Controls

The image will play on the minds of the electorate for this is how many now see the right of free movement and the EU incessant interference with Britain’s immigration policies.

The best the Tories could come up with is lame in comparison; it’s merely a message with ‘Europe, you decide’.

The issue here is that the Tories insist that only they are able to provide the British public with an EU referendum; this leads many asking if their message is somewhat obtuse for it is clear that the Tories are refusing to abide by the principles of democracy and provide the EU referendum that the public clearly wants.

David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband will continue with the slur campaigns because they simply do not have anything tangible to offer the public whereas Nigel Farage’s anti-European stance is clearly in alignment with public sentiment.

Once again the message from the major political parties is that the poster and its message is racist; yes they are suggesting that controlling the UK’s borders is an act of racism; how they have come to this conclusion will elude the British public for many feel that without border control British communities will continue to become more segregated.

At our stance remains clear in that immigration is vital to the British economy but it must be controlled so that those entering the UK have work and bring in the skills and expertise needed to drive the economy forward in a positive way.

Our views, and indeed the views of UKIP, will be attacked by those who feel that controlling the influx of immigrants is an act of racism; of course those are the same people who have no other argument to add to the debate and will happily allow Britain to sink under the weight of EU migrants seeking a lifetime of dependency at the taxpayer’s expense.

You would think that this Government’s sole remit would be to work towards reforms so that Britain can prosper and that its multicultural communities were not divided; sadly it remains a fact that they are more interested in appearing ‘politically correct’ and in the mix refuse to face the EU parliament and tell them unequivocally that either Britain has full control over its sovereign affairs or it’ll relinquish its membership.

David Cameron remains adamant that if UKIP wins the EU elections this month it will significantly reduce the public’s chances of having an EU referendum in 2017.

On what basis does Mr. Cameron make such a suggestion?  It is clear that he feels UKIP will divide the nation and as a result put Labour into power in 2015 by default; this of course does have a degree of merit if the public are not decisive in their voting in the 2015 General Election. Ed Miliband has already made it perfectly clear that the Labour Party will not provide an EU referendum if it is elected.

According to Nigel Farage, the Tories, Labour and Liberal Democrats have conspired to hide the truth about EU immigration but UKIP will continue to drive home the message that the right of free movement and the dictating by the EU of Britain’s sovereign rights is not only unacceptable but clearly damaging to the UK and its economy.

In relation to the 2017 pledge of providing the nation with an EU referendum, Mr. Cameron is asking the public to judge him on his record as Prime Minister.

In our view that wasn’t such a good idea for the public are likely to turn their attention to foreign aid, the failing to curb the EU from drafting incessant amounts of legislation, protecting his close friends such as Sir David Nicholson and Maria Miller and his desire to mirror Tony Blair’s atrocities by bombing Syria.

Yes, Mr. Cameron, in the eyes of the public has been duly judge along with his side kick Nick Clegg and both have been weighted and found wanting of any moral fortitude, integrity or honesty.

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  • MK007

    EVERY Country in the World – ONLY allows people who they want.
    Except UK

    Skills, Education level, Bankroll etc
    WHY does the EU ban this action in Europe.

    UK IS a special case because of the FREE system
    IF the EU does not change the rules -
    then the UK has to change the rules – before people are actually admitted.

    The rest of the world does not play by the rules – why should we?

    Maybe we will get a humanity award – just before armageddan

    • meebal

      Now according to the EU you’re a racist. That’s right even suggesting the idea of controlling the flow of people is nothing short of a white supremacist ideology.

      Last week we were contacted by a chap living in Asia; he’s married to an Asian who is well qualified. Can she get a permit to stay in the UK? No, because she’s not European. It doesn’t matter that the UK or the EU are violating his right to family life; just as long as all the foreign criminals have the right.

      In our view it shouldn’t matter where you come from for their should be a clear set of rules to apply to all; that in our view is not only the just thing to do but it’s also the most humanitarian.

      The EU is not a humanitarian institution, it’s a totalitarian institution whose despot failed politicians are on a narcissistic power trip to exert their will on all EU member states.

      P.S if you like what you read please share it on your social networks. :)