UKIP Joins Forces with Swedish and French Far-Right MEPs

by Editor | June 19, 2014 2:17 am

THE GUARDIAN – Nigel Farage has joined forces in the European parliament with a Swedish party that was founded by white supremacists, including a former member of the Waffen SS.

In an apparent change of tack, after he pledged to avoid parties on the far right, the UKIP leader also invited a French MEP who was elected for Marine Le Pen’s Front National last month to join his pan-European group in the parliament.

UKIP insisted last night that Farage had not broken his word because the two Sweden Democrat MEPs, Kristina Winberg and Peter Lundgren, were obliged to write a letter to the UKIP leader distancing themselves from their party’s past.

Joëlle Bergeron, who left the FN two days after the European elections last month, also wrote to Emmanuel Bordez, the secretary general of Farage’s Europe of Freedom and Democracy group, distancing herself from Le Pen’s party.

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