UKIP Jumps to 38 Per Cent in the Latest Polls

by Editor | May 1, 2014 5:45 am

UKIP JUMPS TO 38 PER CENT IN THE LATEST POLLS – Forget the latest comedy show that is currently topping the public entertainment list.  Forget buying a cinema ticket to watch the latest action movie for right now the best seats to family entertainment is right in front of everyone through the newspapers and TV news services.

Britain is entering the ‘Electoral Phase’ in which the major political parties employ all manner of public relations and political strategists in order to concoct sufficient lies and rhetoric that will once again convince the voting public to install them to power.

It doesn’t really matter which flavour of politics you prefer there is no denying that all politicians are fundamentally narcissistic and will say and do whatever it takes to secure your vote.

Once the voting is over of course that manifesto they were so keen to waive in your face will be burnt and the Government will go back to doing what it does best; that would be lying to the public, misappropriating public funds and of course adding as much as they can to the national debt.

Over the course of the next year you’ll have Labour accuse the Tories of subjecting the people to everlasting austerity.  In response you’ll have the Tories accuse Labour of selling Britain out to the Unions.

On the sidelines Nick Clegg and his merry band of imbeciles will sit quietly on the fence knowing they don’t have a the slightest chance of forming a Government and will therefore wait in the hope that once again the British public vote will result in a hung Parliament so that they can offer their support and in doing so allow Nick Clegg to once again sit in the Deputy Prime Minister’s chair and wreck havoc upon the nation.

But what about UKIP?  Yes, that party of racists, bigots and defenders of Britain’s culture and heritage; what are they doing?

According to Labour, Tory and Liberal Democrat politicians they are working towards dividing the nation by pulling out of the European Union and destroying our beloved multicultural cohesive community; and they’ll do this because their agenda is wholly unpatriotic and racist.

That in a nutshell is it.  In other words neither Labour, the Tories nor the Liberal Democrats have anything of substance other than to continuously call Nigel Farage and UKIP loonies, fruitcakes and closet racists.

Fear has always been a Government’s biggest weapon.  That is if you can instil sufficient fear in the public then the public in turn will comply and support whatever the Government suggests as a remedy.

Second and third in the arsenal of public control is poverty and despondency; yes subject the population to welfare where there’s no hope of any achievement, sprinkle in a goodly amount of fear and hey presto you have a population is that can be adequately controlled and considering the growing sales of antidepressants it is clear to some that the three elements are working and working extremely well.

Nobody likes to be called a racist or a bigot; in fact if you accuse someone of either it’s likely you’ll get them to shut up fairly quickly but are we seeing a change?  That is, has the public tired of all the rhetoric and are no longer listening to the scaremongering of racism and bigotry?

If the latest polls are accurate then this would be the case for UKIP has now climbed to 38% of the public vote in respect of this month’s EU Parliamentary elections which clearly indicates the public are sick to the back teeth of Labour, Tory and Liberal Democrat policies that have push Britain to the edge of bankruptcy and almost destroyed democracy.

Yesterday Nigel Farage condemned all three main parties for resorting to what is nothing less than a ‘campaign of slurs’; but that’s not unusual when there’s nothing else in the bag.

Mr. Farage went on to say; ‘the campaign of slurs against UKIP supporters is a desperate bid to protect their establishment cartel and prevent his party winning the European elections next month.’

Yet again the Daily Mail appears to have led the way in yet another article accusing UKIP and its members of racism and bigotry over one of UKIPs donors, Demetri Marchessini, who claims that no married woman has the right to declare rape, that women ought to be banned from wearing trousers and that gay people are incapable of fidelity.

Yes, Mr. Marchessini is a financial donor of UKIP but do his views necessarily reflect the views of UKIP as a whole?

If you ask David Cameron, Nick Clegg or Ed Miliband they would say yes but anyone in their right mind wouldn’t believe such nonsense.

Let’s examine a Tory policy… that being the policy of Britain remaining in the EU; do you honestly think all Tory Party members think along the same lines as their leader David Cameron and his financial donors that Britain would collapse without the European Union?

The answer is obvious for we’ve witnessed a fair degree of rebellion in the backbenches where many Tory MPs would like to see an EU Referendum and it resulting in Britain waving a fond farewell to what is now seen as nothing more than a totalitarian state.

The rise of UKIP, for better or for worse, is the direct result of Government unwillingness to listen to the people and frankly David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband obviously don’t have the common sense or rather anything politically notable to challenge UKIP and as a result have seen support for UKIP continuously increase.

It is now an almost foregone conclusion that UKIP is going to take the EU elections by a landslide and it’s likely Labour and the Tories will have few seats whilst the Liberal Democrats will become non-existent in the EU Parliament.

Racism and bigotry; we’ve heard it all before but the record has worn out and unless this current Coalition Government is able to come up with anything of real substance it will pay the price come May 22, 2014.

In an article published yesterday by UKIP it claims:

UKIP’s European Election campaign is on course to deliver a gigantic political earthquake according to two new polls out today.

The first from TNS-BMRB shows UKIP in first place with 36%. A ComRes poll has UKIP on 38%, an 11% lead over Labour and 20% ahead of the Conservatives.

UKIP: 36%
Labour: 27%
Conservatives: 18%
Liberal Democrats 10%

UKIP: 38%
Labour: 27%
Conservatives: 18%
Liberal Democrats: 8%

For those of you who are supporters or indeed thinking of supporting UKIP you might like to read the UKIP manifesto.

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