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UKIP Membership Continues to Surge

UKIP Membership Continues to Surge

UKIP MEMBERSHIP CONTINUES TO SURGE – Whilst Conservative membership continues to decline UKIP appears to be basking in the sunshine of new members as it sees its membership increase from 19,500 last January to over 32,500 at present.

Despite the rise in numbers it still pales in comparison to Conservative figures as it currently retains a membership of 134,000; however, that figure a year ago stood at 253,600 clearly indicating a very disillusioned number of people who no longer feel the Conservative Party has any notable plans to move Britain forward.

Mr. Farage announced to reporters that the continued rise in membership levels plainly denotes that UKIP is able to re-engage people who have all but given up on politics.

“Many of our members are those who have never been a member of any political party before, but who see that it is Ukip who is challenging the establishment on issues such as open-door immigration, grammar schools and green taxes.” Nigel Farage, UKIP leader

Mr. Farage is evidently optimistic that UKIP could, if the surge in membership continues, overtake the Liberal Democrats in its grassroots’ support.

Currently the Liberal Democrats have some 43,000 members but this is in stark contrast to the 65,000 members it had when the coalition Government was formed in 2010.

As for the Labour Party, it too has taken a beating as it sees its membership fall to 18,537 since Ed Miliband taking leadership in 2010.

In May 2013, during the council elections, UKIP membership rose sharply by 2,500 and UKIP have announced that it will continue to drive forward as it heads towards the European Elections this year and the General Election in 2015.

There can be little arguing that David Cameron is consistently being seen as a Prime Minister who remains out-of-touch with public sentiment but most will now recognise that a coalition was doomed to fail.

The Tory and Liberal Democrat Parties clearly have differing agendas on what is right for Britain but Nick Clegg with his ‘sit on the fence’ attitude and willing to take any side which meets his own political ideologies was never going to result in a united Government and Britain has surely paid the price.

It is believed now, even by senior Tory MPs that UKIP will win the European Union Elections and could result in the Tories losing all of its MEPs.  Such an event would of course allow UKIP to drive forward with greater EU reforms in order to claw back more powers from the EU; it is evident at this stage that those in the EU Parliament are not keen to see Nigel Farage and UKIP succeed.


Senior Tory Announces UKIP will Win the Euro Election

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