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UKIP Pushes Tories into Third Position in By-Election

UKIP Pushes Tories into Third Position in By-Election

UKIP PUSHES TORIES INTO THIRD POSITION IN BY-ELECTION – With a five-fold increase in votes UKIP took second place against Labour in the Wythenshawe and Sale East By-Election.

The Tories managed to attract just 3,479 votes compared to UKIPs 4,301 leaving the Tories languishing in third place.

The seat was of course considered a ‘safe seat’ for Labour but it is unquestionable that UKIP with a second place standing is on the march as more and more of the British public feel that UKIP might be the solution they are looking for to eventually turn Britain around.

Wythenshawe and Sale East By-Election

Source: Daily Mail

Despite months of rhetoric from Nick Clegg and his perception that he’ll once again be asked to form a coalition government come 2015 that notion certainly took a beating after only 1,176 votes were cast in favour of the Liberal Democrats.

The result also led Mr. Farage to announce that UKIP can now boast to be the main opposition in the north of England; a connotation that will leave David Cameron and Nick Clegg highly embarrassed and bring to reality how the public now view the unholy alliance of the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats.

Mr. Cameron attempted to play down the By-Election as insignificant; yet again many will interpret this as Mr. Cameron’s obtuse attitude towards the British electorate which will ultimately see him and Mr. Clegg being removed from office.

I often wonder how a public skivvy; and that’s all Mr. Cameron is, can assume he is able to treat the voter with such disdain and irrelevance and yet expect to retain power.

They say the winds of change are swift and decisive and it’s interesting to note the swing in public perception regarding UKIP.  In the 2010 General Election UKIP only managed fifth place and yet their strategy of targeting Labour seats in the north is certainly paying off.

Considering Mr. Cameron’s abysmal track record since taking office it’s not surprising that the defeat reflects his abilities as Prime Minister.

It could be argued, and often is, that Mr. Cameron is unable to perform the tasks at hand due to the Liberal Democrats being given the ability to veto almost all of what Mr. Cameron has wants to implement.

Yes the coalition was unholy for two vastly opposing political ideologies were never going to see eye to eye and the result is a Britain with no direction and ultimately no future.

UKIPs focus remains on the EU which is why I suspect they didn’t take more votes in the By-Election.  There are those who feel that UKIP simply doesn’t have anything else to offer other than wanting to pull out of the EU.

It’s unquestionable that Labour won by a landslide with 13,261 votes but its also undeniable that UKIP can indeed challenge the major parties and with public sentiment high over the lack of Government help for the flood victims and the EU’s incessant policy making it’s likely that Labour will continue to surge forward with UKIP taking up the rear.

When questioned about the results in which the Tories experienced a 14.5% drop in support, Mr. Cameron stated that UKIP’s momentum had in fact stalled.

I’m not sure how Mr. Cameron perceives this to be the case which leaves me to suspect he’s either in denial or completely delusional – either is not exactly a commendable trait for a sitting Prime Minister.

Labour also dismissed UKIP as a contender on the basis that it achieved 55% of the vote and again this dismissal might be their undoing if they are not able to recognise the surge in public sentiment and support of UKIP.

As an occupational hazard I get to read a vast amount of content; some of which I sometimes misinterpret but that folks is the human condition.  Regardless to that little insight of honesty there is nothing that can be misinterpreted about what people are talking about on with web pages of the major media providers and that is a growing support for UKIP.

It will be interesting to hear David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband explain away the humiliating defeat in the up and coming European Elections where UKIP is poised to take victory by a massive margin.

Sign of the times or just a passing fade?  That of course will depend on whether Mr. Farage is able to produce results in the European Parliament and whether he and other UKIP members can construct a manifesto that the voting public will support.

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