Ukraine President Ends Ceasefire

by Editor | July 1, 2014 2:53 am

BBC – Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has ended a unilateral ceasefire with separatists in the east, saying: “We will attack, we will free our land.”

Mr Poroshenko said the chance for peace was lost because of the “criminal activities” of pro-Russian militants.

The shaky 10-day ceasefire between the Ukrainian authorities and separatist groups had been due to end on Monday evening.

Both sides have accused each other of violating the truce.

Interfax-Ukraine news agency quoted pro-Russian militia saying Ukrainian forces had resumed shelling the town of Kramatorsk.

“The decision not to continue the ceasefire is our answer to terrorists, militants and marauders,” Mr Poroshenko said.

Earlier on Monday, the office of French President Francois Hollande said Ukraine and Russia had agreed to work together to establish a bilateral ceasefire in eastern Ukraine.

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