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UN Lectures Britain on Migrants

UN Lectures Britain on Migrants

UN LECTURES BRITAIN ON MIGRANTS – According to Antonio Guterres, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, he feels that Britain’s current policies of attempting to restrict health and benefit tourism will ultimately result in ethnic profiling of both asylum seekers and refugees leaving most immigrants feeling stigmatised.

Antonio Guterres

The UN report has left many MPs seething and have even branded the report foolish, irresponsible and Left-wing garbage.

A number of Tory MPs also wanted to know why Antonio Guterres was focusing on Britain when over two million Syrian refugees were in dire need of UN assistance.

“Antonio Guterres is best known for boosting benefits in Portugal and quitting just before his party was booted out. We will not take lectures about how to manage our borders from a failed Portuguese socialist turned unelected bureaucrat.

While he tries to score cheap political points, this Government is taking the difficult long-term decisions needed to ensure it is easier to remove illegal immigrants and stop abuse of public services.” Tory Vice-Chairman Bob Neill

Mr. Neill’s statement appeared to adequately hit the nail on the head for too many failed politicians appear to be turning up in non-elected posts either in the UN or EU in which they feel they have the right to dictate to other countries what is right and wrong.

This latest interference to British Government polices came about after the UN announced that it would probe into the legalities of Britain’s ‘bedroom tax’ and whether it in fact broke human rights law.

It was of course only months ago that the Left-wing UN official, Raquel Rolnik, turned up in Britain unannounced and uninvited to carry out an inspection of housing conditions to see if Britain was providing its citizens and immigrants with an adequate and acceptable standard of living.

Raquel Rolnik

Furious MPs at the time labeled Ms. Rolnik as an overpaid, over-mighty and unaccountable UN official with no appreciation or insight into British society.

The UN report went further in admonishing the Home Secretary Theresa May demanding that she drop her plans to instruct the courts to give ‘little weight’ for those claiming the ‘right to family life’ in order to avoid deportation.

Time is running out for Britain and we must at all costs support and allow our own Government to determine the laws that govern Britain.

The Left-wing brigade will always find a label that has connotations of racism and bigotry in order to quell Government plans to prevent the increasing numbers of asylum seekers, economic refugees and criminals flooding Britain.

Britain cannot afford to be overloaded with freeloaders; the economy simply won’t be able to meet the cost and ultimately this incessant drive to allow anyone to take up residency will destroy not only the very fabric of our culture and communities but will condemn us to the same fate as Greece and Portugal.

We simply cannot allow Left-wing ideology to take any further hold in Britain and no external force, be it the UN or EU, should be able to dictate to a sovereign nation how it determines its laws and in this case, immigration policy.

This latest interference of British policy will be seen as yet another test as to whether David Cameron either has the resolve or ability to firmly tell the UN and EU to cease its interference; as time marches on these issues alone may well seal the fate of the Tory Party in the next general election.

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