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Under Age Romanian Girls Being Sold as Sex Slaves in Britain

Under Age Romanian Girls Being Sold as Sex Slaves in Britain

UNDER AGE ROMANIAN GIRLS BEING SOLD AS SEX SLAVES IN BRITAIN – They say prostitution is the oldest profession in the world; I won’t refute such for it is clear that sex sells and in an age of liberalization, pornography and indeed prostitution in Britain and across the entire world, has exploded.

During Tony Blair’s tenure as Prime Minister he decided to snub the opposition and the public by introducing key pieces of legislation that were to effectively flood Britain with all manner of foreign migrants and prevent any criminal elements from being imprisoned or deported.

In the quest for a multicultural utopia Tony Blair first introduced the Human Rights Act 1998; it was enacted under the guise that Britain was a nation of tolerant and humanitarian citizens.

The second and final piece of the puzzle was to introduce the Borders Act 2004, which effectively removed all barriers to entry.

With the Borders Act and Human Rights Act now in place, Tony Blair welcomed all foreigners to Britain; yes that included the murderers, child abusers, organised criminal gangs, thugs, drug dealers and of course those who trade in human flesh; not only were they openly welcomed, the Human Rights Act firmly prevented any fears of being imprisoned or deported.

You really do have to wonder what type of sickafantic world we live in when such a man who is responsible for committing what is tantamount to treason, then illegally invades another sovereign state and in the process murders hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children.

I call it sickafantic because despite all we know about Mr. Blair the United Nations had the audacity to make him UN Peace Envoy for the Middle East and governments and corporations around the world lavish him with millions of pounds in order from him to give his pearls of wisdom.

An article in the Sunday Mirror yesterday revealed the underlying failings of the Borders Act and indeed the recent introduction of the Right of Free Movement.

The Sunday Mirror in an undercover investigation revealing the deplorable but lucrative trade of underage prostitution; where girls as young as 14 are being sold to pimps in the UK for as little as £500.

During the undercover investigation, human traffickers told of how easy it was to get young girls into Britain; after all as one human trafficker and pimp, Adrian Meder told reporters, ‘Romania is now part of the EU and Britain can’t stop us.’

Mr. Meder also went on to say just how easy it was to fool immigration officials and that trafficking young girls into Britain for the sex trade is a breeze.

Romanian Under Age Girls Being Sold as Sex Slaves

Image: Pimp and Human Trafficker of Under Age Romanian Girls, Adrian Meder

The more I look at the EU and those running it, the more I feel it was merely set up to enslave us all and in the process fuel the narcissistic tendencies of those who crave unbridled power and in the course of such, making them extremely wealthy off the backs of the hard working taxpayer.

Earlier today, published an article on the issue of 752 foreign criminals currently roaming free in the UK because the authorities can neither detain them nor deport them; for such would be a breach of their human rights.


Rise in Dangerous Foreign Criminals Jumping Bail

You really do have to wonder what Tony Blair’s ultimate intentions were during his planning and implementing of the Borders Act and Human Rights Act; after all we now have clear evidence that the now Deputy Labour Leader Harriet Harman, her MP husband Jack Dromey and former minister Patricia Hewitt were all involved in funding the organisation, Peadophile Information Exchange (PIE) in the 1970s with the remit of changing the law so that sex with children was made legal.

Considering this damning revelation and the fact that Harriet Harman remains curtly dismissive of providing a suitable explanation, or rather any explanation, you have to ask if the Labour Party actually condones human trafficking of young underage Romanian girls to be sold, used and abused in the sex trade.


Condemnation Grows as Harriet Harman Remains Silent Over Links to Peadophila Group

We are consistently told to remain quiet on the issues of immigration for daring to point the figure at their atrocities is not only a violation of their human rights but it’s also illegal under legislation that covers racial discrimination.

With this in mind I’m forced to ask as to whether all politicians who support Britain’s membership in the EU and indeed all those who are EU commissioners are not in fact culpable to the crime of openly allowing this vile and inhumane trade.

Call for tolerance if you must but there comes a point when that tolerance merely transgresses into silence and once the system of Government is able to keep us from openly expressing our views and disdain then we too become culpable to the crime; silence effectively condones.

I am often berated for my views and yet I feel it is my responsibility to stand up and call for action.  I often hear of the so-called humanitarians refusing to condemn those involved in such heinous acts of atrocities upon another often innocent human being.

Yesterday I published an article – A Social Experiment for All You So-Called Humanitarians; it was in response to a number of comments to an article published earlier that day regarding a legal ruling that Bedroom Tax and the recent spate of Welfare Reforms were perfectly legal.

The underlying truth here is that we all have a responsibility and in order to stamp out the human trafficking of children we must stand up and demand changes to the law so that those involved can be suitably punished, the victims can be freed and then we might just be able to stand up and call ourselves humanitarians.

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