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Unemployed Mother Unable to Repay Christmas Debt

Unemployed Mother Unable to Repay Christmas Debt

UNEMPLOYED MOTHER UNABLE TO REPAY CHRISTMAS DEBT – Katie McGill is just 28 years of age with two young children and lives on benefits.

This year Ms. McGill borrowed nearly £1,700 from eight payday loan companies so that her children could have all the presents they wanted, including TV’s, bikes, DVD players and a plethora of other gifts.

Unfortunately Ms. McGill now realizes that come January the debt will need repaying on the hundreds of presents she purchased; a debt which she now realises she cannot afford.

Ms. McGill admits that she wanted to treat Mya-Renee, three, and Calvin eight to a special Christmas as their grandmother passed away earlier this year and therefore needed a treat; Ms. McGill went on to state that they both received loads of computer games for the Xbox plus a new TV and a DVD player each.

Katie McGill - Payday Loans

What might enrage many taxpayers here is that Ms. McGill states that she’ll try and repay the loans with the £70 a week she has left over after she has covered other bills.

Instead of taking responsibility Ms. McGill now blames Wonga for lending her the money and effectively getting her deeper into debt.

Ms. McGill made the following statement…

“When I start paying back the loans I won’t be able to pay the bills or buy food and drink and basic necessities.

Then I’ll start taking out more loans and it will just be one big, messy, circle.”

Regardless to her statement, Wonga hit back stating that it is not possible for any individual to take out multiple loans; each one has to be paid off before the company will consider providing another loan. says…

This whole affair is wrong on so many levels it’s difficult to know where to begin.

The first thing that needs saying is that such an article clearly shows the lack of social responsibility in Britain; Ms. McGill is certainly not alone in that she lives off the backs of the taxpayer who are expected to support her and her brood.

In part of her story Ms. McGill told reporters that she would try to repay the loan with the £70 she has left over each week and then goes on to say she’ll now struggle to pay the bills.

Such a statement leads to the acknowledgement that the repayment of her loans will exceed the £70 she reports to have left over each week; many might be asking how she could obtain so much money on welfare to have the luxury of having left over money on a weekly basis for it’s unlikely many hard working taxpayers can attest to the same.

Once again we can clearly see the ‘entitlement’ culture that we have allowed to flourish and no doubt this latest incident will have many taxpayers’ blood boiling as they struggle to pay the bills whilst others appear to just squander what we provide.

On the other side of the coin we also get to see, in all its glory, how Britain has developed into a society of consumers and regardless of whether we can afford it or not we’ll keep on shopping.

Yesterday we published an article on the Boxing Day Sales which again clearly cemented the growing notion that the British public appears content with increasing their debt beyond any responsible level in the name of materialism.

As the Government continues to look at ways of reducing the national debt, with some thinking such an ideology is not possible considering on-going borrowing and the current level, it remains a fact that welfare is and will remain one of the crippling factors to the economy.

We must continue to strive towards a society that no longer views welfare as an ‘entitlement’ and the likes of Ms. McGill must learn to take responsibility for their actions.

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