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Unemployment Benefit to See Further Restrictions

Unemployment Benefit to See Further Restrictions

UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFIT TO SEE FURTHER RESTRICTIONS – Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith today announced even tougher measures for those who think they can live a life on unemployment benefits.

During 2013 Mr. Duncan Smith has announced and implemented a number of changes in order to remove the liberal ideology that we are all ‘entitled’ to live off the state.

This latest announcement also comes just weeks after the National Audit Office (NAO) refused again to sign off on the Work and Pensions Department’s (DWP) accounting records in which over £2 billion was lost due to DWP internal errors and a further £1.5 billion was lost through benefit fraud.


Benefit Fraudsters Getting Away with Billions of Taxpayer’s Money

According to Mr. Duncan Smith, those who intend to make a ‘lifestyle choice’ to live on benefits without bothering to seek gainful employment will face severe penalties from next year.

Mr. Duncan Smith went on to say that there will be no hiding place under the new planned welfare reforms.

Mr. Duncan Smith revealed in a statement to the Daily Mail (see article) that from 2014 thousands of people who are currently unemployed and who clearly lack motivation to find work will be forced to spend a minimum of 35 hours a week applying for work.

He went on to admit that the Government remains resolute in tackling the issues of ‘entitlement’ and will not bow to liberal pressure on the controversial ‘Universal Credit’ system or the on-going push to curb housing benefits within the area of the much admonished ‘bedroom tax.’ says …

Any measure to reduce welfare dependency is a move in the right direction.  It is long overdue that the British public woke up to the fact that welfare will eventually be the catalyst that places Britain in the same predicament as Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy.

Whist Mr. Duncan Smith and the Government continues to drive forward it appears to us that they are not giving the public sufficient reason as to why it is not only essential to reduce the overall cost of welfare but in fact critical to the economy.

Why doesn’t Mr. Duncan Smith or indeed David Cameron stand up and be honest; tell the British public that we face imminent bankruptcy due to the policies put in place by previous Governments and have effectively increased our national debt to almost breaking point.

Yes, Mr. Duncan Smith does in his article in the Daily Mail, point out the fact that the last Labour Government left Britain with a broken welfare system but the truth is since its inception in 1945 it has been broken; it was both ill conceived and ludicrously managed and successive Governments haven’t helped with reining in the ever growing cost.

It is already crystal clear that Britain remains in deep financial trouble; despite the Chancellor George Obsorne declaring an economic recovery, for all this actually means is that the Government will borrow less this coming fiscal year compared to the last.

There are a number of things that Britain needs to accomplish if it is to recover and these include people working and paying taxes, increased manufacturing to address the trade deficit and control on immigration – that is having the ability to allow only those who wish to work and be productive to enter.

We face turbulent times; but those who love Britain certainly see that the welfare and ‘entitlement’ culture will achieve nothing other than bankrupting Britain.

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