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Union Power Miliband Cannot Dissipate

Union Power Miliband Cannot Dissipate

UNION POWER MILIBAND CANNOT DISSIPATE – Once again Ed Miliband, leader of the Labour Party, is about to enter into talks with the Unions in order to weaken their stranglehold on the party.

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Currently if you work for a company that has a union and is indeed affiliated with the likes of the TUC or Unite then your membership is a requirement; that is you will automatically become a member and a monthly subscription fee will be taken directly from your earnings.

Of course you could opt-out of the Union but this will see you inevitably ostracised by other union members and indeed union officials.

The underlying benefit to being a union member is to protect you from the whims of management; that is company bosses cannot sack, promote or award pay rises for example without union consent.

When things go wrong in employment it is the unions who will rally to your side and protect your rights and ensure employers follow employment law and compensate you adequately when the employer treats you unfairly.

All sounds like a great idea but as Ed Miliband knows the Unions have become so powerful that they now control the workplace with an iron fist and through their contributions to the Labour Party are now are able to dictate how the party is operated, who leads it and what policies will be implemented; yes if the likes of Len (Lensky) McCluskey disapproves of any Labour politician or policy he has the power to have them removed.

Mr. Miliband now wants a change in that workers are not automatically inducted into the unions but rather would have to opt-in instead of the current situation of having to opt-out; however by his party’s own admission this could take up to 5 years to change and until it does the Unions will continue to hold vast amounts of power.

Will the Unions accept such a policy? The last time Mr. Miliband had a sit-down with the Union leaders he was told straight out that any further interference in their affairs would result in the Unions pulling financial support and like any lobbyist the Union walked away from the meeting with the confirming fact that Ed was and remains their poodle.

The recent ICM poll for the Guardian suggested that Labour has taken yet another public beating dropping from 35 per cent of the public vote to just 32 per cent whilst the Tories once again climb; although currently the Tory Party still lag behind by 3 points.

It’s likely that small movements in the party’s perceived positions will occur leading up to and during the 2015 General Election but it’s evident at this point the British voting public really don’t care to see either Labour or the Tories come to power.

Yes both political parties have been weighted and found wanting so this leaves us with the Liberal Democrats.

It is clearly apparent that hell would freeze over first before the public allowed the likes of Nick Clegg to take power for he and the Liberal Democrats appear to have no direction other that sitting on the fence waiting for others to take the plunge and only when a particular policy garners public support will he jump off the fence and declare the whole thing to be ‘his idea’; well that’s until public sentiment changes and then he’ll attempt to deny any involvement.

UKIP, the rising star it might be, is most unlikely to come to power; not unless some form of coalition deal is cemented.

In the words of the Bard, ‘there lies the rub’ for it’s likely Britain, after the 2015 General Elections, will see yet another ill conceived coalition and it could well be Tory / Lib Dem or Labour / Lib Dem.

One thing is plainly evident and that is Ed Miliband will not be able to reduce the stranglehold the Unions have on the Labour Party or industry and commerce.  Without Union funds flowing into the Labour Party from Union membership fees there wouldn’t be a Labour Party and the Union bosses are fully aware of this fact.

Whilst the Unions continue to stand and declare that their only remit is to protect British workers, it is clear that their mandate goes far beyond such a remit; some would effectively argue that this mandate has all but destroyed industry in Britain, a view shared by many who has seen Britain going from one of the greatest industrialised nations in the world to one that now relies largely on exports to feed our consumerism.

If Labour does come to power as a result of the 2015 General Elections then it’s unquestionable that whoever takes the Prime Minister’s seat will have a manifesto that was drawn up by the Unions and that the puppet masters will continue to pull this strings.

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