Update: Thais Viciously Attack British Tourists

Original Story: Thais Brutally Attack British Tourists

Update:– Authorities say they want to find those responsible for leaking CCTV footage of the attack on three British tourists in Hua Hin at Songkran.

A province spokesman said that the footage was evidential material and was their property and bringing it into the public domain was both damaging to the country and an infringement of rights.

Police spokesman Kasana Jaemsawang said that the CCTV footage was the property of the Hua Hin municipality and as such should not have been leaked.

The footage appeared online some two weeks after the attacks and quickly received attention from a worldwide audience online and through newspapers and media throughout the world thereafter.

Meebal.com says …

Considering the video footage was leaked by persons yet unknown displays yet another disturbing trait of the Thai authorities for widespread condemnation is now spreading on the social networks accusing the Royal Thai Police of attempting to cover this vicious attack up in order to protect the tourist industry.

Once again money is being put in front of tourists safety and lives and it is now estimated that tourism equates to approximately 12% of Thailand’s GDP.  With an ailing economy under Junta rule it is speculated that the Thai authorities will do anything, including covering up such instances, in order to protect the money flow.

The family involved in the incident have now vowed never to return and we at Meebal.com sincerely hope that this latest atrocity will finally make people wake up to the fact that Thailand needs abandoning as a tourist destination.

WARNING: The video below is the incident in full and is highly disturbing. We implore you to watch it and then spread the word so that Thailand’s tourist industry takes a beating instead of the innocent tourists. Only when you take their money away will the Thai authorities and the Thai people understand the error of their ways.

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