US Air Force Developing Micro Air Vehicles that Stalk and Kill

US AIR FORCE DEVELOPING MICRO AIR VEHICLES THAT STALK AND KILL -  A video has been release that shows how the US Air Force is developing tiny drones that can over, crawl and sneak up on targets and execute them with pin point and lethal precision.

Welcome to the new age of warfare.  These tiny drones are known as Micro Air Vehicles or MAV’s for short. Considering their lethality maybe they should be termed as Micro Armed Vehicles or DFA’s Death from Above.

There is no doubt the age of the computer chip is continuing to change the way we live our lives, or in the face of the military, the way we execute war.

We all want our armed forces to be safe and this is certainly another step in the direction of removing armed forces personnel from the battlefield and out of the reach of the enemy.

Currently this project is based at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio where officials have already stated that a number of remote-controlled prototypes have been developed and tested.

The MAV’s are still a long way from reaching any active service as scientists have admitted certain technological issues that will take a number of years to resolved, but the truth is these are destine to become a thing of the future and it is not unreasonable to think that these types of devices could be used not only for military purposes but also for that of civil policing.

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