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US Embassy Hit by TWO Taliban Rockets

US Embassy Hit by TWO Taliban Rockets

US EMBASSY HIT BY TWO TALIBAN ROCKETS – Whilst British Prime Minister David Cameron continues to assert that Afghanistan is a ‘Mission Accomplished’ in the wake of British troops pulling out of Afghanistan in 2014, two Taliban rockets landed in the grounds of the U.S Embassy in Kabul as insurgents step up their efforts ahead of the presidential elections.

US Embassy Hit by Two Taliban Rockets

According to U.S officials nobody was injured in the attack but this latest act clearly shows the continuing security problems Afghanistan faces; the attack came as many foreigners in the capital celebrated Christmas Day.

Since the U.S Government unseated the Taliban from power in 2001, Taliban militants have been against what they believe to be an illegal incursion on Afghanistan soil.

In the aftermath of this latest attack the Taliban was quick to claim responsibility for the attack and an earlier strike in the city.

Whilst the number of rocket attacks in and around Kabul have been rare in recent years, the Taliban have vowed to step up its efforts and put pressure on the U.S and Afghan authorities ahead of next year’s presidential election and the withdrawal of U.S led NATO combat forces.

U.S officials declared that at approximately 6:40 local time in Kabul, two rockets hit within the compound of the U.S Embassy.  The official report was that all American personnel are accounted for and that no injuries were sustained.  U.S officials went on to state that an on-going investigation continues.

A spokesman for the National Directorate of Security told AFP reporters that another rocket hit near the hills where a number of former kings and members of the old royal family are buried.  According to the report one hit near Maranjan hill, some 1.6 kilometres from the presidential palace; again no casualties were reported.

Shortly after the attacks, the AFP received a text message from the Taliban claiming responsibility and heavy casualties; however, such a claim was quickly dispelled by U.S officials after they reported zero casualties from either of the attacks.

The text message received from the Taliban by AFP read…

“Today at around 6am four rockets were fired at the U.S. embassy in Kabul. All hit the target (causing) heavy casualties.” Zabihullah Mujahid Taliban spokesman

This latest round of attacks once again casts doubts over the effectiveness of NATO forces since 2001 and in a recent report we outlined the effects after Mr. Cameron declared Afghanistan as ‘Mission Accomplished’.


Cameron Declares Afghanistan as ‘Mission Accomplished’

Many fear that once NATO forces pull out of Afghanistan in 2014 the Taliban will once again rise up and take power; this is a struggle that appears to have no end or a peaceful resolution.

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