US Man Claims to Have Found Flight MH370

by Editor | April 29, 2014 5:17 am

US MAN CLAIMS TO HAVE FOUND FLIGHT MH370 – It is an event that has gripped the world and had aviation experts at a loss; we are of course referring to the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

To date we’ve witnessed every type of speculation known all bar Flight MH370 entering some type of Bermuda Triangle or it being abducted by aliens.

We’ve had aviation experts regaling us with all manner of scenarios, we’ve had reports of pings emanating from Flight MH370’s black box and there has been more than a couple of conspiracy theories, including Flight MH370 being shot down after attempting to crash into the U.S Naval base at Diego Garcia.

The truth is that experts, conspiracy theorists and the authorities alike are all at a loss as to where Flight MH370 is and yesterday the Australian Prime Minister declared that the search efforts are now being scaled back as he feels it’s almost certain Flight MH370 will never be recovered.

Throughout the investigation and search one website, a crowd-sourcing satellite service, has played a major role as it has allowed anyone to examine the thousands of satellite images obtained in the hope that someone somewhere will spot Flight MH370.

Again, despite the numerous reports of Flight MH370 being spotted they have all turned up no traces of the aircraft.

Today a U.S pilot, Michael Hoebel, from Tonawanda, New York, claims he has spend hours on trawling through the satellite images and believes he has spotted Flight MH370 lying beneath the water off the northeast coast of Malaysia, just west of Songkhla in Thailand and that the airframe is intact.

Flight MH370 - Wreckage Spotted by Michael Hoebel[1]

Speaking with reporter Ed Drantch, from WIVB, Michael Hoebel is convinced the image could be that of Flight MH370; Mr. Drantch offered as to whether it could be merely a shark in which Michael Hoebel responded it would be an extremely large shark at 210ft in length.

Flight MH370 - Wreckage[2]

According to the satellite records this image was taken mere days after Flight MH370 went missing and Michael Hoebel remains convinced this could be the aircraft that has eluded experts from all over the world.

Could this possibly be Flight MH370?  Whilst the search effort continues there is no doubt that hopes of finding MH370 are becoming slimmer by the day and as the search effort now begins being scaled back there are many who sincerely believe that Flight MH370 will never be found and that it will go down in the history books as one of aviations most perplexing mysteries.

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