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US to Speed Up Supply of Military Equipment to Iraq

US to Speed Up Supply of Military Equipment to Iraq

US TO SPEED UP SUPPLY OF MILITARY EQUIPMENT TO IRAQ – The White House has announced that it is to speed up supply of military equipment, including more surveillance drones and hellfire missiles within the next few weeks in order to help Iraqi forces quell militant groups fighting in Anbar

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Despite the U.S national debt currently exceeding US$17 trillion and the taxpayer facing another crippling fiscal year there appears to be no end in sight to the issues in Iraq and indeed the cost to cover them.

With growing public sentiment that the war was little more than a deceptive measure by George W. Bush to get at Iraqi’s oil reserves and bolster annual profits for the likes of Haliburton and the Chrysler Group it is unlikely that the U.S taxpaying public will see such a move as a way to improve the situation in a country that is highly segregated.

Once again Iraqi forces move in to dispel militant groups from the city of Fallujah and the Iraqi Prime Ministers Nouri Maliki continues to call upon citizens to root out the militants in order to quash the on-going sectarian violence.

Fallujah is not the only city to have fallen to what some refer to as ‘isolated Al Qaeda’ groups; indeed the city of Ramadi is also under the control of Sunni tribes.

White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters that the U.S was working closely with Baghdad in order to develop a ‘holistic strategy’ to isolate Al Qaeda led groups but despite some success the situation remains ‘fluid’.

Lofty words indeed which roughly translated means; ‘there is no end in sight and the situation changed so rapidly, as Al Qaeda continue to gather support, it is therefore likely the situation will worsen over time.

Yes, that is basically the truth for no matter how many trillions of US dollars are poured into Iraq, Al Qaeda will continue to work towards removing those who it sees as little more than an aggressor wishing to impose their will upon another sovereign nation; of course the same argument could be said of the Muslim extremists residing within the U.S.

Despite the U.S military exodus from Iraq at the end of 2011, the U.S does remain a ‘key partner’ and therefore has provided more than US$14 billion worth of weapons to Iraq since 2005; a figure that appears to have no finality.

Regardless to the possible benefits of the Iraqi war; that being getting at the oil fields, it is unlikely the U.S Government will ever turn a profit and as it continues to provide weapons to the Iraqi Government this in turn will only fuel Al Qaeda’s resolve in terrorizing not only those in Iraq but also citizens within the U.S.

With the U.S national debt continuing to escalate by the very second it pushes the U.S ever closer to bankruptcy and many now fear that any rise in the interest rates could well be the catalyst that sees the U.S slip into the abyss.

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