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Vatican Reveals Pope Benedict XVI Fired 400 Priests for Child Molestation

Vatican Reveals Pope Benedict XVI Fired 400 Priests for Child Molestation

VATICAN REVEALS POPE BENEDICT XVI FIRED 400 PRIESTS FOR CHILD MOLESTATION – According to Vatican records Pope Benedict XVI defrocked some 400 priests between 2011 and 2012 due to allegations and evidence of child sex abuse.

This latest revelation indicates a huge spike in the number of cases coming to light; this figure is more than double the 171 cases of priest being defrocked from 2008 and 2009 due to children being abused by priests.

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There have been literally hundreds of charges filed against priests and the Catholic Church regarding the abuse of children with some comparing the Catholic Church as little more than a secretive paedophile ring that is almost untouchable by the authorities due to the Vatican being a sovereign state.

For centuries it has been the tradition of the Vatican to deal with such cases internally and refusing to allow any involvement by the police.

Such practices has seen the Vatican being accused of covering up allegations and evidence of child sex abuse and this latest revelation will leave many suspecting that the removal of 400 priests during 2011 and 2012 is just the tip of the iceberg.

With international condemnation the Vatican has now been forced to defend itself before a UN committee in Geneva, Switzerland, this week with Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, the Vatican’s UN ambassador in Geneva, having to answer serious allegations from the UN Human Rights committee.

It certainly is long overdue that the Vatican was held accountable, for no other organisation would be allowed to effectively whitewash such deplorable acts upon a child and successfully get away with it.

It was of course Pope Benedict, who was at the time Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who questioned the Church’s practices of dealing with paedophiles within the Church and advised the Vatican that Bishops were not following church law and that officials used a number of underhanded methods in order to prevent such allegations from surfacing.

In order to avert any damning press coverage, priest were simply dealt with on a parish to parish basis without ever subjecting an individual to a public trial or handing them over to the authorities.

What most people might find disturbing is the fact that the Vatican remains elusive regarding such crimes and the punishment for anyone found guilty.  The maximum penalty a priest faces if convicted by the Vatican’s tribunal is simply being defrocked or removed from the clerical state; never does a priest face any type of imprisonment which simply leaves these people to hit the streets and reoffend again.

The UN needs to take decisive action and force the Vatican into changing its laws so that each person accused of such a heinous act is tried in an open court of law and if convicted sentenced to imprisonment.

For far too long the Vatican has wielded a power that has seen it grow into the most erroneous entity on the planet and despite its rhetoric of being an organisation that works for the betterment of humanity there is clear evidence to suggest the Church’s power has been derived from centuries of bloodshed and highly questionable investment practices leaving many feeling that no such organisation should be allowed to commercially thrive in the modern age where humanitarian rights are at the forefront of humanity’s agenda.

Many now feel that the world should provide no place for what is increasingly viewed as a secretive organisation that perpetrates all manner of crimes against humanity.

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